Quick Facts of Armine Shamiryan

Armine Shamiryan is known as the wife of famous sprinter Michael Johnson. She is not just known for her husband’s achievements, but also for her great cooking skills and her strong support for important causes. She loves cooking a lot and wants the world to be peaceful.

Likewise, the celebrity wife also helps and supports her husband a lot. Her life story is a mix of being a great cook, a loving wife, and speaking up for what is right, making her special in both sports and other areas. So keep scrolling down to learn more about her!

Relationship with Husband, Michael Johnson

Armine Shamiryan, known for her role as the wife of the renowned sprinter Michael Johnson, has etched her own mark in the culinary world while enjoying a tranquil life alongside her husband. The couple’s journey began when they crossed paths in the vibrant city of Los Angeles back in 2003. Since then, they have created a serene haven in Marin County, California, where they have shared their lives harmoniously.

Armine Shamiryan is popular as the wife of athlete Michael Johnson
Armine Shamiryan is popular as the wife of athlete Michael Johnson


In their personal sphere, Armine and Michael’s relationship has flourished, even without children of their own. Armine has lovingly embraced Michael’s son from a previous marriage as her own, solidifying the family’s bond. Their affection extends to their cherished pet dog, Angelo, a beloved member of their household.

Despite their considerable wealth, the couple derives joy from life’s simplest pleasures, finding solace and happiness in each other’s company. A cherished tradition of the duo involves embarking on a family stroll every Christmas Day, a testament to their devotion to one another. Besides that, Lindsay Brunnok is also a celebrity wife.

Take a look at Her Career

Armine, a dedicated chef, has skillfully transformed her fervor for cooking into a fulfilling profession. Her culinary prowess is matched only by her love for travel and exploration, often undertaken in the company of her husband. Beyond her culinary talents, the lady has raised her voice regarding the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. With unwavering resolve, she has urged the United Nations to recognize Artsakh as the 194th Nation and implored nations worldwide to halt arms sales to Turkey and Azerbaijan, advocating for peace and justice on a global scale.

Armine Shamiryan with her husband, Michael Johnson and friends
Armine Shamiryan with her husband, Michael Johnson, and friends


On the other side of this narrative stands the illustrious figure of Michael Johnson, an American sprinter who has amassed an impressive collection of four Olympic gold medals and eight World Championships gold medals throughout his remarkable career. His achievements span a range of records, including world and Olympic records in the 200m and 400m categories, as well as the indoor 400m world record. His prominence in the sprinting realm solidifies him as one of the most accomplished and consistent figures in track and field history.

The pinnacle of Johnson’s achievements lies in his exceptional feat of securing victory in both the 200m and 400m events during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, a unique accomplishment in Olympic history. Further underscoring his prowess, he triumphantly defended his Olympic title in the 400m category at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. Johnson’s accolades extend to eight gold medals from the World Championships, a feat that places him in the esteemed company of Carl Lewis. His contribution to the sport continues as he shares his insights as a pundit at the Commonwealth Games, lending his expertise to the broadcast team of the BBC.

Net Worth in 2023

The celebrity spouse, Armine seems to have a net worth of around $1 Million. She makes a hefty amount from her involvement in various ventures. Besides, the lady lives a quality life with her family in Malibu, California. Check out, Concetta Tomei.

Armine Shamiryan lives a luxurious life with her husband, Michael Johnson
Armine Shamiryan lives a luxurious life with her husband, Michael Johnson


Talking about her husband’s riches, Micael has a net worth of around $14 Million now. He made such a hefty amount from his successful game career.

Current Life

Currently, Armine Shamiryan is focused on her career and family life. Her pivotal role in Johnson’s life is a testament to their enduring bond. The couple’s journey embodies not only their shared experiences but also Armine’s culinary passion, her advocacy for peace, and their mutual devotion. As Johnson excels in his career transition from track to commentary, his wife stands steadfast by his side. The legacy of Armine and Michael is one of love, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to each other and the causes they hold dear.

The backdrop of this extraordinary journey is their dwelling in the picturesque locale of Malibu, California. Johnson, while primarily focused on excellence in human performance, occasionally offers glimpses of his personal life, such as his vibrant garden shared on Instagram during lockdown. Despite his focus on family and career, Johnson maintains a personal gym, which played an unexpected role in 2018 when he experienced a stroke during a workout. His wife, Armine, swiftly took action, driving him to a medical center for prompt care.

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