Quick Facts of Burzis Kanga

Burzis Kanga, a highly accomplished tennis coach hailing from the United States, has made an indelible mark on the world of tennis through his exceptional coaching skills and remarkable achievements. With a successful career spanning several decades, the man is best known for his invaluable contributions to the New Orleans Privateers, where he has garnered prestigious awards and accolades.

A private individual with a humble demeanor, Kanga’s coaching prowess and dedication have propelled him to the forefront of the tennis industry. Despite his understated presence in the public eye, his impact and influence within the sport remain undeniable. Scroll down to learn more.

Burzis Kanga Wiki/Bio: Age and Early Life

Burzis Kanga, a renowned tennis coach from the United States, has made a name for himself through his exceptional coaching skills, particularly with the New Orleans Privateers. Born in 1963, he is an American citizen, believed to have Egyptian heritage. In 1984, the man earned a Bachelor of Science degree and has since then achieved remarkable feats in the world of tennis.

Burzis Kanga is an American tennis coach
Burzis Kanga is an American tennis coach


The American nationality holder is yet to revael his parents and siblings. Further, it seems like he spent his early days in the United States with his family. Also see, John Catucci.

Net Worth

The American tennis star, Burzis has around $1 Million as his net worth. He earned a huge amount from his tennis career as a player and coach. Further, the man is still actively present in various games adding a good sum to his name.

Burzis Kanga's ex-wife, Hoda Kotb
Burzis Kanga’s ex-wife, Hoda Kotb


On the other hand, his ex-wife, Hoda Kotb is a popular tv personality. She is a veteran news anchor, author, and tv host. She has around $30 Million net worth with an annual salary of around $8 Million.


Kanga’s contributions extend beyond coaching, as he has served as the sports commissioner for the 1996 AAU Junior Olympics Games and held a position as a board member of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation.

The sportsman’s journey as a coach began in 2003 when he was appointed by the University of New Orleans Lakefront. In his debut season, he achieved a remarkable 81-9 record, showcasing his exceptional coaching abilities. He later joined the New Orleans Privateers and continued his streak of success, securing numerous prestigious awards for his coaching prowess.

Relationship with Tv Personality, Hoda Kotb

Beyond his accomplishments in tennis, Kanga is also known for his relationship with Hoda Kotb, a prominent journalist, news anchor, television host, and author. The couple first crossed paths on Valentine’s Day in 2004 while attending an event organized by the American Heart Association. They immediately hit it off and embarked on a romantic journey together.

In May 2005, Kanga proposed to Hoda, and they tied the knot in December of the same year in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, their marriage encountered difficulties, leading Hoda to file for divorce in February 2007. The divorce was finalized the following year. It seems like the pair doesn’t have a biological child.

After separation from the news anchor, Hoda, the man seems to lead a single life. There is no hint about his relationship and new wife. Also, he may or may not have a child.

Ex-wife, Hoda Kotb’s Relationships and Children

Hoda Kotb, a prominent American television host and journalist, has captivated audiences with her work on the popular NBC morning show, Today. Throughout her career, the lady has experienced a few significant relationships, but it is her enduring commitment to financier Joel Schiffman that has garnered attention in recent years.

Kotb and Schiffman’s love story began in 2013, and they initially chose to keep their relationship private. However, in 2016, Kotb shared that they had been dating for two years, shedding light on their blossoming romance. In 2018, the couple welcomed a joyful addition to their lives when they adopted a baby girl named Haley Joy. Kotb also has another adopted daughter, Hope Catherine Kotb.

As the years passed, Kotb and Schiffman celebrated their fifth anniversary in 2019, followed by their sixth anniversary in 2020. Their unwavering love for each other was evident as they marked their seventh anniversary in 2021. Today, they continue to nurture their relationship while embracing the joys and challenges of parenthood, wholeheartedly devoted to their daughter, Haley Joy.

Burzis Kanga's ex-wife, Hoda Kotb adopted two girls
Burzis Kanga’s ex-wife, Hoda Kotb adopted two girls

IMAGE SOURCE: Hoda Kotb’s Instagram

Kotb and Schiffman’s enduring partnership served as an inspiration to many, exemplifying true love and unwavering commitment. However, it is worth noting that in January 2022, Kotb and Schiffman decided to part ways. Nevertheless, Kotb has expressed her openness to finding love again, embarking on a new chapter in her life.

Throughout her journey, Kotb has found solace and support in her close friendship with former co-host Savannah Guthrie. The two have fostered a deep bond over the years and continue to uplift and encourage one another in both their personal and professional lives.

Despite the twists and turns that life brings, Hoda Kotb remains an influential figure in the media industry, admired for her resilience, compassion, and unwavering pursuit of happiness.

Where is Burzis Kanga Now?

In addition to his personal life, Kanga has dedicated himself to his coaching career, achieving remarkable milestones with the New Orleans Privateers. Having excelled as a tennis player during his university days, he has played a vital role in revitalizing the university’s Tennis Center.

Currently, as the head coach for the New Orleans Privateers, Kanga is poised to lead the team to further glory, honors, and achievements. He is busy with his career and professional commitments.

Kanga’s expertise as a tennis coach is supported by his certification from the USTAP (United States Tennis Association Professionals) and his involvement as a member of the American Heart Association.

Despite his accomplishments, Kanga prefers to maintain a private life and refrains from engaging in social media platforms. Nonetheless, his success as a tennis coach and his past relationship with one of the most well-known journalists in the industry have earned him significant recognition and popularity in the entertainment sphere.

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