Quick Facts of Chase Anela Rolison

In the fast-paced world of the internet and entertainment, it takes something truly special to capture the spotlight and leave a lasting impression. One individual who has managed to achieve just that is Chase Anela Rolison. Her name is on the lips of many, gaining traction across various digital platforms. Rolison is more than just the daughter of renowned celebrity parents ( T-Boz and Mack 10); she’s a trailblazer in her own right.

As an internet personality, Starkid has skillfully curated her unique path and taken the reins as the creative mind behind the flourishing beauty brand, Anela Beauty. With an enchanting online presence and an undeniable knack for all things creative and cosmetic, Chase Anela Rolison has undeniably positioned herself as a rising star well worth keeping an eye on.

Chase Anela Rolison Wiki/Bio and Birth Details

Chase Anela Rolison is a well-known figure in the world of the internet, not to mention being the brain behind the thriving beauty brand, Anela Beauty.

Chase Anela Rolison's mother
Chase Anela Rolison’s mother, T-Boz is a popular singer


Born on October 20, 2000, in the United States, she made her way into the limelight as the daughter of American singer T-Boz and rapper Mack 10. Further, the girl also shares a special bond with her adopted brother, Chance Watkins, who became a part of her family in 2016.

Early Life and Roots

Chase Anela Rolison was born ahead of schedule on October 20, 2000, into a family already embraced by fame. With T-Boz, a Grammy-winning member of the celebrated girl group TLC, as her mother, and Mack 10, the renowned rapper and founder of Hoo-Bangin Records, as her father, her life was undoubtedly set against the backdrop of stardom. However, the details of her early life and education remain somewhat of a mystery, as she hasn’t shared much about those aspects.

Parents: A Legacy of Artistry

T-Boz, whose real name is Tionne Tenese Watkins, carved her name in music history as part of TLC, scooping up an impressive four Grammy Awards. 

On the other hand, Dedrick D’Mon Rolison, known as Mack 10, made his mark as both a rapper and an actor. He not only graced the entertainment scene but also established the independent record label, Hoo-Bangin Records.

Health Considerations

While Chase Anela Rolison’s health status hasn’t been disclosed, her mother, T-Boz, has been open about her own health journey. Diagnosed with sickle cell anemia during her childhood, T-Boz used her platform to raise awareness for this condition and even became a spokesperson for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.

In 2009, she shared her battle with a brain tumor, specifically an acoustic neuroma. This condition affected various aspects of her well-being, from balance to hearing and facial movement. The surgical removal of the tumor took place at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

A Glance at Her Career

Chase Anela Rolison marked her presence in the entertainment realm when she portrayed her mother’s younger self in the 2013 biographical TV movie “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.” The film featured prominent actors like Keke Palmer and Drew Sidora.

Chase Anela Rolison is a rising talent
Chase Anela Rolison is a rising talent


Not merely limited to the screen, Chase is the mastermind behind Anela Beauty, a cosmetic beauty line that also offers personalized beauty advice and tips. Operating through her website, she not only sells her product line but also a range of women’s accessories. Also, read Humberly Gonzalez.

Net Worth Details

Although Chase Anela Rolison’s net worth remains undisclosed, we have insights into the financial standings of her parents. As of 2023, T-Boz boasts a net worth of $1.5 million, while Mack 10’s estimated net worth is around $6 million. Their earnings come not only from their artistic endeavors but also from their various entrepreneurial pursuits.

Although there is no clear data, the celebrity daughter, Chase is rumored to have a remarkable estimated net worth of $1 million. She actively engages with her fans on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Into Her Personal Life

Chase Anela Rolison’s romantic life has been a well-kept secret, as she chooses to keep this aspect of her life private. The marriage of her parents, however, was short-lived, ending in 2004 due to allegations of abuse and adultery.

Chase Anela Rolison seems single now
Chase Anela Rolison seems single now


On her 20th birthday, October 20, 2020, Chase shared a heartwarming post on her InstaStories, revealing that her mother had gifted her a brand new G 550 Benz.

In June 2016, Chase Anela Rolison’s mother expanded the family by adopting a 10-month-old son named Chance. This event unfolded in Des Moines, Iowa, Mack 10’s hometown. This emotional adoption journey was documented in T-Boz’s book, “A Sick Life.” Chance’s arrival marked a new chapter, being born 16 years after Chase’s birth.

Current Life

Currently, Chase Anela Rolison is busy with her rising career. Further, her journey from her early days in a star-studded family to her emergence as an internet personality and beauty influencer is nothing short of captivating. Check out, Armine Shamiryan.

While her beginnings were graced by famous parents, she has carved her own path in the world of entertainment and beauty. With an online presence that resonates with many, Chase continues to inspire and engage, all while keeping a part of her life out of the spotlight.

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