Quick Facts of Cordoba Journey Broadus

In the glittering realm of celebrity offspring, Cordoba Journey Broadus emerges as the adorable heiress to a musical dynasty that transcends generations. Born on March 24, 2019, in the United States, Cordoba is the granddaughter of none other than the iconic Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus.

As she turns four, this tiny tot is already making waves in the world of social media, occasionally gracing her father Cordell Broadus’ Instagram account with her endearing presence.

In this exclusive gossip article, we delve into the fascinating journey of Cordoba Broadus, exploring her lineage, her parents, the glamorous life surrounding her, and the million-dollar net worth that defines her family.

Cordoba Journey Broadus Family Background

Cordoba Broadus is not just any four-year-old; she is the direct descendant of hip-hop royalty. As the granddaughter of Snoop Dogg, one of the most celebrated figures in the music industry, and Shante Broadus, she carries a name synonymous with rap legacy and cultural influence.

With parents who are deeply entrenched in the worlds of entertainment and sports, Cordoba’s lineage sets her apart as a potential star in the making.

Let’s Talk About Her Parents’ Story: Cordell Broadus and Phia Barragan

Cordoba’s parents, Cordell Broadus and Phia Barragan may not have walked down the aisle, but their connection extends beyond the conventional boundaries of matrimony. Together they share three kids.

Cordoba Journey Broadus with her parents
Cordoba Journey Broadus with her parents


Cordell, born in 1997, initially made headlines not for his Hollywood connections but for his prowess on the football field. Playing college football, he soon found himself drawn to the allure of the entertainment industry.

Transitioning from football, Cordell stepped into the world of cinema, even earning roles in movies. His talents, however, surpassed the silver screen, leading him to venture into directing, music, and entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, Phia Barragan, Cordoba’s mother, remains a more enigmatic figure. While details about her personal life are kept relatively private, it is clear that Cordell and Phia’s connection has given rise to an adorable daughter who is undoubtedly destined for greatness. Check out another Starkid, Stelle Ciccone

How Rich is Cordoba Journey Broadus? Snoop Dogg’s Towering Net Worth

Cordoba lives a luxurious life as a celebrity child. With a net worth estimated at around $5 million, her dad, Cordell Broadus has successfully carved a niche for himself in the multifaceted world of entertainment.

As Cordoba Broadus steps into her fourth year, her grandfather, Snoop Dogg, stands tall with a net worth estimated at a staggering $160 million. Snoop Dogg, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., has solidified his place in the annals of music history as a pioneering rapper, singer, and actor.

With a career spanning decades, Snoop Dogg’s influence extends far beyond the realms of hip-hop, making him a cultural icon with an enduring legacy.

Cordoba Journey Broadus' grandpa. Snoop Dogg
Cordoba Journey Broadus’ grandpa. Snoop Dogg


From the groundbreaking “Doggystyle” album to his other collaborations, Snoop Dogg’s financial empire mirrors the heights of his artistic success. While Cordoba may be too young to comprehend the magnitude of her grandfather’s achievements, she is undoubtedly surrounded by an aura of unparalleled stardom.

Cordoba’s Current Years: Preparing for Kindergarten

At four years old, Cordoba Broadus is on the cusp of new beginnings, potentially venturing into the realm of education as she prepares for kindergarten. Her early years have been documented sparingly on her father Cordell’s Instagram account, offering glimpses into the life of a child born into the lap of luxury and fame.

Cordoba Journey Broadus with her sisters
Cordoba Journey Broadus with her sisters


In a world where celebrity toddlers are often thrust into the limelight from the moment they take their first steps, Cordoba’s intermittent appearances on social media provide a carefully curated window into her early experiences.

As she takes her initial steps toward formal education, the world watches with anticipation to witness how this mini Broadus will navigate the intersection of fame and normalcy.

Social Media Stardom: Cordoba on Instagram

While Snoop Dogg might be a seasoned pro in the realm of social media, Cordoba Broadus is just beginning to make her mark. With a private Instagram account managed by her father Cordell, the adorable toddler occasionally graces the digital stage with her captivating presence.

In an era where social media has become a playground for celebrities to showcase their lives, Cordoba’s Instagram appearances add a touch of innocence and charm. These snippets offer fans a rare glimpse into the world of a child born into fame, creating an online presence that mirrors the evolving landscape of modern celebrity culture.

As Cordoba Journey Broadus turns four, she embarks on a journey that intertwines her destiny with the illustrious Broadus legacy. From the towering success of her grandfather Snoop Dogg to the diverse talents of her father Cordell, Cordoba’s path is paved with the golden footsteps of musical and cinematic royalty.

As the little girl prepares for kindergarten and occasionally graces her father’s Instagram, the world watches with bated breath, eager to witness the unfolding chapters of a life undoubtedly destined for greatness in the hallowed halls of fame.

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