Quick Facts of Dyllan Christopher

  • Full NameDyllan Christopher
  • Net Worth500 thousand
  • Date of Birth12 December, 1991
  • BirthplaceUSA
  • Ethnicity White
  • ProfessionFormer Actor, 3D Printer
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Brown
  • HeightAbout 5 feet 7 inches

Dyllan Christopher is a name that might ring a bell for those who have followed American entertainment since the mid-’90s. The artist remained active in the acting world till 2013 but seems busy with his family life now.

Where is Dyllan now and what is he doing? We will discuss everything about the former actor in this article, so keep scrolling down!

How Was Dyllan Christopher’s Childhood? His Age and Parents?

Born on December 12, 1991, in Los Angeles, California, this talented individual has left his mark in the entertainment industry for nearly three decades.

Now at the age of 31, Dyllan Christopher has taken a different path in life, transitioning from a successful acting career to a role as a communication specialist.

Dyllan Christopher during his young age
Dyllan Christopher during his young age


Talking about his early life, the former actor has yet to disclose his parents, siblings, educational details, and more. Further, he belongs to the White ethnicity and spent his early days with his parents.

Inside Dyllan Christopher’s Early Beginnings and Acting Career

Dyllan Christopher’s journey in the world of entertainment began at a remarkably young age. At just two years old, he made his first appearance in a Lemon Clorox commercial. This early exposure to the limelight set the stage for a flourishing acting career that would span nearly twenty years.

Throughout his career, Dyllan Christopher made appearances in various TV series and movies, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Some of his notable roles include appearances in shows like “Murphy Brown,” “Mad City,” and “Armageddon.” He also left his mark on the big screen with roles in films such as “A Memory in My Heart” and “Love Stinks.”

Likewise, Dyllan’s impressive list of acting credits also includes roles in popular shows like “ER,” “The Andy Dick Show,” “Life with Bonnie,” and “Strong Medicine.” His talent and dedication were evident in his ability to seamlessly transition between different genres and styles of acting.

One of his most memorable roles was that of Spencer Davenport in the film “Unaccompanied Minors.” This heartwarming comedy-drama showcased Dyllan’s acting prowess and endeared him to audiences of all ages.

Is Dyllan Christopher Married? His Wife?

About 5 feet 7 inches tall actor, Dyllan seems single now as there is no hint of his married life. He is yet to introduce someone as his wife or partner. Also, there is no data covering his fatherhood and children.

Dyllan Christopher enjoying at his friend's wedding
Dyllan Christopher enjoying his friend’s wedding


However, the man is often captured enjoying special moments with his friends. He may announce his love life soon. Also see about the love life of the former actress, Martie Allen.

Do You Know Dyllan Christopher Is A Man of Many Talents?

Dyllan Christopher’s acting career has brought him recognition and success, however, he has also explored other passions and talents in his life. After his last project in the entertainment industry in 2013, Dyllan decided to embark on a different career path.

Today, Dyllan Christopher serves as a communication specialist at his alma mater, Flintridge Preparatory School. His dedication to education and communication shines through in his role, where he utilizes his skills to facilitate effective communication within the school community. This transition demonstrates his commitment to personal growth and development beyond the world of acting.

In addition to his work as a communication specialist, the American nationality holder has ventured into the world of 3D printing. He creates intricate 3D prints of game characters and meticulously paints them. This hobby showcases his artistic side and allows him to indulge in his passion for creativity.

How Much is Dyllan Christopher’s Net Worth? His Earnings?

With nearly two decades of success in the entertainment industry, Dyllan Christopher has accumulated a respectable net worth. His financial status reflects his dedication and hard work over the years. It’s estimated that Dyllan has a net worth of at least $500 thousand.

Dyllan Christopher is a former American actor
Dyllan Christopher is a former American actor

In his current role as a communication specialist, Dyllan earns an average annual salary of $62,452. Furthermore, his 3D printing hobby contributes to his income, as he sells these creations to enthusiasts and collectors. Likewise, the man also showcases his skills as a craftsman by sewing shirts, which he then sells, adding another stream of revenue to his income portfolio.

Exploring Former Actor, Dyllan Christopher’s Hobbies

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dyllan Christopher is a man of diverse interests and hobbies. One of his most prominent passions is cooking. He has honed his culinary skills and often shares mouthwatering creations on his Instagram account. From crispy chocolate cookies to delectable cakes, Dyllan’s culinary creations are a testament to his love for food and creativity in the kitchen.

Another facet of Dyllan’s life is his affection for feline companions. He is a proud owner of a white cat named Lola, whom he affectionately uses as a “cat shawl.” This endearing bond with his pet reflects Dyllan’s warm and caring personality outside of the spotlight. Also, read about Alexis T. Realmuto.

Where is Dyllan Christopher Now?

The Out of Order alum, Dyllan Christopher’s journey from a child actor to a communication specialist is a testament to his adaptability and commitment to personal growth. Currently, he works as a 3D printer and communication specialist. He might be busy with his personal life and family matters now. We can see a glimpse of his current life on his Instagram account.

Additionally, he has left his mark on the entertainment industry with memorable roles, his current endeavors as a communication specialist and his exploration of diverse hobbies demonstrate a multifaceted and vibrant life beyond the silver screen. Dyllan’s dedication to education, creativity, and culinary delights continues to shine brightly in the different chapters of his life.

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