Quick Facts of Eugenie Devane

Eugenie Devane, an enigmatic figure captivated the public’s imagination as the renowned celebrity wife of American actor William Devane. With a life steeped in Hollywood glitz and glamor since their marriage in 1961, the lady has remained a mysterious yet influential presence in the entertainment industry. Despite the scarcity of information about her early life and education, her husband’s successful acting career has solidified her position as a prominent figure.

Eugenie Devane’s remarkable journey as a devoted wife and mother to their two sons, Joshua, and the late Bill, continues to intrigue and inspire audiences worldwide. Scroll down to explore everything about Devane in this article below:

How old is Eugenie Devane? Her Wiki/Bio and Age

Eugenie Devane, the esteemed spouse of the accomplished American actor William Devane, has captivated the public’s attention since their union in 1961. Although precise details regarding her age remain undisclosed, it is estimated that she is between 80 and 82 years old. Born in Belle Glade, Florida, USA, the lady holds American nationality and has a diverse ethnic background. Regrettably, little is known about her parents or formative years.

Regarding her educational background, Eugenie Devane has chosen to keep such information private, leaving her early academic journey shrouded in mystery. She might have studied in a local school in her hometown coming from a White ethnic background.

Take a Look at Eugenie Devane and William Devane’s Married Life

Eugenie Devane’s prominence largely stems from her marriage to the talented actor William Devane. Their love story spans many decades, with their marital bond enduring since 1961. The duo might have met each other first time during their young days.

Eugenie Devane and William Devane during their young days
Eugenie Devane and William Devane during their young days


It is quite surprising to know about a Hollywood pair who has been together for more than 6 decades. This couple has given a good example of true love holding each other’s hands in the ups and downs of their lives. They still have a strong relationship. See another celebrity wife, Caressa Suzzette Madden.

Blessed with two children

The Devane couple has been blessed with two sons, Joshua, who has pursued a career in acting like his father. Joshua Devane, the talented American actor, and real estate agent was born in Hollywood, California, in 1964. His diverse ethnic heritage includes an Irish grandfather and a Dutch and German grandmother.

After graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1985, Joshua embarked on his acting journey with a debut on the primetime soap drama Knots Landing in 1986. His acting credits extend to films like Blind Witness and The Preppie Murder, and TV shows such as Pacific Blue and Baywatch Nights. Presently, Joshua thrives as a real estate agent at Bennion Deville Homes in Palm Springs, alongside his real-life partner, Sondra Andersen.

Car Accident and Obituary

Tragically, Devane’s oldest son, Bill was killed in a car accident. The Devane family was devastated by the news and has been in mourning ever since.

Eugenie Devane’s Career

While specific details about her own career are scarce, her husband has achieved considerable success in the acting industry. His journey commenced at the prestigious New York Shakespeare Festival and later extended to numerous television and film projects.

Eugenie Devane's husband, William Devane is a popular actor
Eugenie Devane’s husband, William Devane is a popular actor


Some of his notable works include appearances in productions such as Knots Landing, Payback, Space Cowboys, Bad Turn Worse, Red Clover, Revenge, Flag of My Father, The Kane Files: Life of Trial, Psych, NCIS, The River Why, Jesse Stone: Thin Ice, Chasing the Green, and The Least Among You, among others.

How Rich is Eugenie Devane? Her Net Worth and Earnings in 2023

While Eugenie Devane’s net worth remains undisclosed, it is widely assumed that she shares a substantial fortune with her husband. She might be living a high-profile life with her family members. Her husband, William is a veteran artist whose estimated net worth is $9 million. His major earning source is his acting career.

On the other hand, their son, Joshua is also an actor who is estimated to own a fortune of around $2 Million now. Besides his movies and TV projects, the celebrity son made a good amount from his real estate projects.

Eugenie Devane’s Social Life

In the realm of social media, Eugenie Devane prefers to maintain a more private persona and does not actively engage in any popular platforms. Although she possesses an inactive Facebook profile, she rarely posts updates.

Eugenie Devane's husband, William Devane
Eugenie Devane’s husband, William Devane

SOURCE: Instagram

As of now, Eugenie Devane holds the status of a renowned celebrity wife, having shared her life with the esteemed American actor, William Devane, since 1961. While not much is publicly known about her early life or educational background, her husband’s successful acting career has kept the spotlight on their relationship.

How Tall is Eugenie Devane? Her Height and looks

The celebrity wife is a decent-looking lady who has brown hair and brown eyes. She is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, and appears fit and healthy. Till now there is no data on her health issues.

Likewise, Eugenie used to have short hair in her young days. Later, she was spotted with long hair.

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