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Faye Maltese and Gene Hackman during their young age

In the annals of Hollywood history, the name Gene Hackman stands tall as one of the industry’s most celebrated and accomplished actors. Yet, behind the curtains of his storied career, lies the lesser-known but equally intriguing story of his first wife, Faye Maltese.

Their union was marked by love, the birth of three children, and a shared journey that spanned three tumultuous decades before ending in a quiet divorce. This article delves into the life of Faye Maltese, a woman who lived in the shadow of a Hollywood legend.

Gene Hackman and Faye Maltese As Married Couple

In the midst of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Gene Hackman and Faye Maltese found each other. In 1956, they embarked on a journey that would lead them down the path of matrimony, bound by love and the hope of a future together. Their love resulted in the birth of three children: Christopher Allen Hackman, Elizabeth Jean Hackman, and Leslie Anne Hackman.

Faye Maltese and Gene Hackman during their young age
Faye Maltese and Gene Hackman during their young age


The family they created seemed like the perfect embodiment of the American dream. However, as with many Hollywood marriages, the reality behind the scenes was far from the picture-perfect image they projected to the world.

What is the Reason Behind Their Divorce?

As Gene Hackman’s acting career soared to new heights, Faye Maltese found herself navigating the trials and tribulations of being the wife of a Hollywood icon. Hackman’s increasingly busy schedule and the demands of a flourishing career placed significant strains on their marriage. It is widely believed that these professional pressures were the primary reason behind their eventual divorce in 1986.

The journey to stardom often takes a toll on personal relationships, and the Hackmans were no exception. The curtains closed on their thirty-year marriage, leaving the public to wonder about the challenges that lay beneath the surface of a seemingly idyllic Hollywood love story.

Did Faye Maltese Remarry After Her Divorce From Gene?

After parting ways with Faye, Gene Hackman embarked on a new chapter in his personal life. In 1991, he married Betsy Arakawa, a talented pianist, and businesswoman. What made this union particularly noteworthy was the substantial age difference between the two; Betsy is approximately 30 years younger than Gene. Despite the age gap, their love has stood the test of time, and they remain a committed couple to this day.

Faye Maltese's ex-husband, Gene Hackman with his new wife, Betsy Arakawa
Faye Maltese’s ex-husband, Gene Hackman with his new wife, Betsy Arakawa


This second marriage brought a fresh perspective to Gene Hackman’s life. With Betsy by his side, he found the solace and companionship that eluded him in his previous marriage. On the other hand, Faye didn’t marry again.

Faye Maltese Lived a Private Life

Gene Hackman’s life continued to unfold in the public eye, but Faye Maltese chose a different path. She never disclosed her career to the public, keeping her professional endeavors shrouded in secrecy. Speculation abounds, with rumors suggesting that she may have worked in the world of banking, but the truth remains elusive.

Faye’s low-key profile extended to her personal life as well. She largely stayed out of the media spotlight, allowing Gene to take center stage as one of Hollywood’s most revered actors. This discretion is a sharp contrast to the lives of many Hollywood spouses who frequently find themselves thrust into the public gaze.

What Was Her Net Worth?

Faye may have received a decent amount from Gene as a divorce alimony. Besides she may have her own career to support her living.

Faye Maltese's ex-husband, Gene Hackman is a multi-millionaire
Faye Maltese’s ex-husband, Gene Hackman is a multi-millionaire


Meanwhile, her ex-husband is one of the richest actors. As Gene Hackman’s career continues to be celebrated and his wealth has grown to an estimated $80 million, primarily through his illustrious acting career, Faye Maltese’s story serves as a reminder of the sacrifices and silences often borne by those who stand beside the spotlight.

Ex-husband, Gene Hackman is a Legendary Artist

Faye was not a part of any showbiz project while her ex-husband, Gene Hackman is one of Hollywood’s most versatile and celebrated actors, and has a career filled with iconic roles and outstanding achievements. His filmography is a treasure trove of memorable performances, including his roles in classics such as “The French Connection” (1971), for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor, and “The Conversation” (1974). Gene’s portrayal of Lex Luthor in the “Superman” series left an indelible mark on the world of comic book adaptations.

Faye Maltese's ex-husband, Gene Hackman
Faye Maltese’s ex-husband, Gene Hackman


The legend also garnered acclaim for his roles in “Unforgiven” (1992) and “The Royal Tenenbaums” (2001). His extensive body of work in television and film earned him numerous awards, including three Academy Awards, two BAFTA Awards, and four Golden Globes. Gene Hackman’s legacy as a prolific and respected actor endures, and his contributions to the world of entertainment remain an integral part of film history.

When Did Faye Maltese Take Her Last Breathe?

On April 26, 2017, at the age of 88, Faye Maltese took her last breath and her journey came to an end. Her passing, like much of her life, occurred with little fanfare. The legacy she leaves behind is marked by the mystery that cloaked her existence. Lawyer, Michael Hess is also no more alive.

In the world of Hollywood, it is not uncommon for the supporting characters to be overshadowed by the leading roles. Faye Maltese’s journey as the first wife of Gene Hackman is a testament to the complexities and challenges faced by those in the shadows of fame. Though her life may have been marked by obscurity, her role in the narrative of Gene Hackman’s life remains a significant chapter in the history of a Hollywood legend.

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