Quick Facts of Francesco Zampogna

  • Full NameFrancesco Zampogna
  • Net Worth1.5 Million
  • Date of Birth14 June, 1984
  • Marital Status Married
  • BirthplaceUSA
  • Ethnicity White
  • ProfessionBusinessman, Social Media Star
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Brown

Introducing Francesco Zampogna, a pioneering businessperson and prominent figure in the world of social media. His inventive projects and magnetic online persona have garnered widespread attention. His path from educational institutions to the heights of both business and Instagram fame serves as an inspiring example of contemporary triumph.

Characterized by a mysterious personal life, a thriving online presence, and associations with noteworthy individuals, Zampogna’s narrative presents an engaging fusion of accomplishment, impact, and international recognition. Additionally, the man is the husband of actress, Francisca Lachapel. Let’s learn more about him below:

How Old is Francesco Zampogna? His Age and Birth Details

Francesco Zampogna, a name that’s been resonating in the entrepreneurial and social media spheres, was born on June 14, 1984, in the United States. Despite his fame, Francesco’s early life remains shrouded in mystery.

Francesco Zampogna during his college time
Francesco Zampogna during his college time


He completed his education at the University of Miami Business School in 2006, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on finance.

A Private Family Life

When it comes to Francesco’s family, the businessman prefers to keep things under wraps. Details about his parents and siblings are elusive, and he has successfully shielded this aspect of his life from the public eye.

Moreover, Francesco is an America by nationality who comes from a White ethnic background.

Astrological Tidbits

Francesco Zampogna, now 39 years old, was born under the Gemini zodiac sign. This astrological characteristic might explain some of his versatile and dynamic traits.

Height and Looks

Standing at a height of 166 cm, Francesco Zampogna possesses a distinctive physical presence. However, information about his weight, body measurements, shoe size, eye color, and hair color remains undisclosed.

Personal Life and Relationship

As someone who has captured the attention of many on Instagram, Francesco Zampogna is known not only for his posts but also for his sense of humor. People are particularly curious about his romantic life—whether he’s in a relationship or not. But Francesco values his privacy in this realm.

Francesco Zampogna has a beautiful family
Francesco Zampogna has a beautiful family


Details about his past relationships remain elusive. What’s known is that Francesco is currently in a committed relationship with actress, Francisca Lachapelle, and the two are happily married. They welcomed a son, Genaro Antonio, into the world in July 2021.

An Active Social Media Presence

Francesco Zampogna is not just a name; he’s an active presence across various social media platforms. You can find him on Instagram with the handle @franczampogna, where he’s garnered an impressive following of over 273,000 individuals.

His popularity is not confined to Instagram; he extends his reach across social media platforms, where his posts and engaging content captivate a vast audience.

Is Francesco Zampogna a Millionaire? Inside His Net Worth and Earnings

When it comes to finances, Francesco Zampogna has managed to amass quite a fortune. His estimated net worth is a staggering $1.5 million. This substantial wealth is largely attributed to his successful career as an Instagram celebrity. Also as a business person, he makes a huge amount to support his luxurious life.

Talking about his wife’s net worth, Francisca Lachapelle has around $2 Million. She is a popular actress, tv host, and a beauty peasant winner. No Doubt, the lady makes a huge sum from her career.

A Journey From Entrepreneurship to Stardom

Francesco Zampogna’s entrepreneurial journey kicked off in 2008 when he founded the supplement company RSP Nutrition. This endeavor marked the beginning of his rise to prominence. Beyond this venture, Francesco has been associated with various other business endeavors, showcasing his multifaceted skills. Also read, Steve Chasman.

Rubbing Shoulders with Notables

On October 29, 2018, Francesco Zampogna shared a photo featuring none other than Lothar Matthaus. This instance provides a glimpse into Francesco’s extensive network. He is known to have connections with prominent individuals like Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Trump, and Nicky Hilton, reflecting his reach into different circles.

Current Life

Currently, the celebrity husband, Francesco Zampogna is busy with his professional life and never misses an opportunity to flaunt his personal life on social media too. He has a close bond with his family.

The man is more than just an entrepreneur and Instagram celebrity; he embodies the spirit of modern success, breaking barriers and making his mark on multiple fronts. His journey continues to unfold, leaving an indelible impression on both the business landscape and the world of social media.

Francesco Zampogna’s story is one of triumph and success. As an accomplished entrepreneur and Instagram sensation, he has not only secured his place in the business world but has also etched his presence on the digital stage. With a substantial net worth achieved through his celebrity status, Francesco’s journey stands as a testament to his dedication and innovation.

Let’s Discuss His Wife, Francisca Lachapel

Francisca Lachapel, a talented Dominican-American actress, television personality, and accomplished beauty pageant titleholder has solidified her presence in the entertainment world. In a significant triumph, she secured the title of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 on April 12, 2015. Currently, she holds a pivotal role as a co-host on the widely acclaimed morning show, Despierta América!, broadcasted on the Univision Network.

Francesco Zampogna with his wife
Francesco Zampogna with his wife, Francisca Lachapel


Hailing from Azua, Dominican Republic, Lachapel’s journey took a decisive turn when she migrated to the United States in 2010. Along the way, she found companionship in Rocky Lachapel, leading to their marriage. However, their paths diverged, and they eventually divorced in 2016. Lachapel’s love story took another twist when she became engaged to Francesco Zampogna, an entrepreneur and former football player. Their union was sealed in 2019, and the couple’s joy expanded with the arrival of their first child in 2021.

Lachapel’s prominence soared as she took on the role of co-host for Univision’s engaging morning program, ¡Despierta América!, spanning from 2016 to 2019. Her talents have extended beyond the realm of hosting, with notable acting credits to her name. Her portfolio includes appearances in TV series like Me Caigo de Risa (2014), Waking Up With You (2016-2017), and Se Habla USA (2018), along with her role in the film El Fantasma de mi Novia (2018).

A momentous achievement in Lachapel’s career was marked by her victory in the Nuestra Belleza Latina beauty pageant of 2015, a remarkable feat that made her the first Dominican to secure this prestigious title. Her allure and charisma were also acknowledged by Individuals en Español magazine, which included her in their list of the 50 most attractive individuals of 2015. This accomplishment was accompanied by substantial rewards, including a substantial prize of $200,000, a Kia Soul vehicle, and a valuable one-year contract with Univision.

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