Quick Facts of Gemi Bordelon

Gemi Bordelon is an American businesswoman

Gemi Bordelon, a famous businesswoman hailing from Louisiana, is not only the CEO of Bollinger Shipyard but also popular as the wife of former LSU Tigers football player, Ben Bordelon. Is the pair still married in 2023? How Rich is Gemi? Let’s find out everything about this lady in this article below:

Gemi Bordelon’s Age, Early Life, and Background

Born on February 1, 1975, she is now 48 years old as of 2023. Her remarkable rise to prominence came in January 2020 when a video showcasing her dancing prowess at the White House with LSU players went viral. She is an American by nationality and spent her early days in her birthplace, the United States of America.

Gemi Bordelon is popular for being celebrity wife
Gemi Bordelon is popular for being a celebrity wife


Further, Gemi’s roots run deep in Louisiana, where she was born and raised. She belongs to the white ethnicity. Standing at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches and maintaining a healthy weight of approximately 57 kg, the businesswoman carries herself with grace and poise. Her distinctive features include brown eyes and blonde hair, and she prefers to keep her appearance classic and free from tattoos.

Personal Life and Nature

Gemi Bordelon is recognized for her delightful character and friendly manner, making her beloved by both friends and coworkers. She values her appearance and consistently presents herself in a polished way that radiates confidence and elegance. Her captivating presence has endeared her to those fortunate enough to interact with her, earning her a special place in their hearts.

Inside Her Net Worth and Earning Sources

In 2023, Gemi Bordelon’s approximate wealth is $750 thousand. Her substantial earning source is primarily linked to her thriving career in the business sector. Her path to becoming the Chairperson and CEO of Bollinger Shipyard commenced in the year 2000.

Throughout the years, the lady has showcased her capabilities, solidifying her position as a notable figure in the industry. Her dedication to hard work and her sharp business skills have not only garnered her admiration but have also played a substantial role in her financial well-being.

Married Life: Husband and Children

Gemi Bordelon is a married woman, and as a result, there is limited information available about her dating history or any potential boyfriends before her marriage. Her public presence only came into focus after her video dancing alongside LSU players went viral.

Gemi Bordelon with her husband and children
Gemi Bordelon with her husband and children


Consequently, very little is known about her personal life, as she has chosen to keep her private affairs well-guarded. Her focus has remained on her career, and she has refrained from drawing attention to her personal life.

The American businesswoman seems happily married to her husband, Ben Bordelon. However, there is not much data on their first meeting, wedding events, children, and more. Reportedly a daughter, Brooke Bordelon is one of their children and they have other two sons.

A Loving Family

Gemi Bordelon finds joy in her role as a mother to one daughter and two sons. Her commitment to her family and her marriage to Ben Bordelon has been at the forefront of her life. She places a premium on maintaining a level of privacy surrounding her relationships and family life, allowing her to strike a harmonious balance between her family and her flourishing business career. Also see, Alec Utgoff.

Current Life

The celebrity wife, Gemi Bordelon is a shining example of a successful businesswoman. Her role as the CEO of Bollinger Shipyard has not only propelled her into the spotlight but has also established her as a respected figure within her community and beyond. Beyond her professional achievements, Gemi is also known for her viral video appearance at the White House, which garnered her significant attention and further increased her public profile.

Gemi Bordelon is an American businesswoman
Gemi Bordelon is an American businesswoman


Currently, the lady serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the potential for success through hard work and dedication. She continues to build upon her wealth and solidify her presence in the competitive world of business. Gemi is a remarkable individual who has achieved a remarkable balance between her personal and professional life, exemplifying the possibilities that lie ahead for those with determination and resilience.

Let’s Talk About Her Husband

Ben Bordelon, a former American football athlete, enjoyed significant accomplishments during his NFL career. He served as a starting player for the LSU Tigers football squad for four years, earning recognition as a second-team All-Southeastern Conference player during his senior year in 1996. Subsequently, he took on the role of an offensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers in 1997. During his tenure with the Chargers, he participated in 16 games and contributed to the team’s successful season.

Following his NFL journey, Ben Bordelon transitioned into a leadership role as the president, chairman, and chief executive officer of Bollinger Shipyards. You may like to read about another footballer, Luke McCabe.

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