Quick Facts of Hayley Stommel

Meet Hayley Stommel, a notable figure in the entertainment industry and the beloved wife of Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard. Born in Sun Valley, Idaho, she exudes charm and grace, captivating hearts with her warm presence. Standing tall at 5’6″, Hayley boasts an impressive following of 391 K on Instagram, where she shares her passions and insights through her blog, The Vogue Trip.

With a successful career as an entrepreneur and a commitment to philanthropy, Hayley Stommel continues to inspire and uplift others, making her a cherished and influential personality in the hearts of her followers. Let’s explore more about her personal and professional life below:

How Old is Hayley Stommel? Her Age and Wiki/Bio

Hayley Stommel, the renowned spouse of Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard, is a prominent personality in the entertainment world. Born on September 18, 1987, in Sun Valley, Idaho, she falls under the zodiac sign of Virgo. Standing at a height of 5’6″, she is now 35 years old.

Coming of age in the dynamic 1980s, an era characterized by iconic trends like voluminous hairstyles, Cabbage Patch Kids, and the advent of MTV, Hayley Stommel belongs to the esteemed Millennial Generation. Growing up amidst the technological revolution, with easy access to computers, the internet, and social networks, Millennials were instilled with a sense of empowerment to pursue their dreams, fostering a confident and accepting outlook on life.

Hayley Stommel with her husband
Hayley Stommel with her husband, Tyler Hubbard


Hayley’s academic journey took her to Kent State University, where she pursued International Business before obtaining a BA in Business Administration from the University of San Diego.

Like many other celebrities, Hayley Stommel maintains a guarded personal life, keeping details about her family under wraps. Her mother’s identity remains unknown, while her father’s information is currently undergoing review.

A Quick Look Inside Her Married Life with Tyler Hubbard

The love story between Hayley and Tyler Hubbard began as a profound friendship. In 2013, when beautiful Hayley contemplated relocating back to California, Tyler persuaded her to stay and reflect on her decision. A month later, their relationship took a romantic turn with a heartfelt kiss, eventually leading to their engagement one year later. On September 22, 2014, Hubbard proposed to his lady love, Hayley during a helicopter flight.

Hayley Stommel lives a luxurious life with her family
Hayley Stommel lives a luxurious life with her family


Likewise, their love story culminated in a remarkable twist as they exchanged vows on the very day of their first kiss, sealing their love through marriage. They were married in a ceremony held at Sun Valley, Idaho on July 1, 2015. Blessed with three children, a daughter born in 2017 and 2 sons, the couple lives a blissful married life. Another celebrity wife is Adelfa Marr.

Let’s Talk About Her Career

Beyond her roles as a devoted wife and mother, Hayley Stommel nurtures her passions for yoga and cooking. Moreover, she is known for her philanthropic efforts, establishing a scholarship fund to support students who are the first in their families to pursue higher education, exemplifying her compassion and commitment to empowering others.

Besides the exact data on her professional work is still under the curtain. She may soon reveal her work life in public.

How Much Are Hayley Stommel’s Current Net Worth and Earnings?

Though not proven, the reports suggest that Hayley’s entrepreneurial endeavors have contributed to her estimated net worth of around $2 million, a testament to her successful ventures and commendable achievements. No doubt the mother of three has a luxurious life.

On the other hand, her better half, Tyler is a successful singer, songwriter, and musician. He has around $25 Million as his net worth. He makes huge profits from his involvement in various music shows, tours, and events. Check out, Regina Lasko.

Is Hayley Stommel Available on Social Media?

As a dedicated user of social media, Hayley actively engages with her 391k followers on Instagram, utilizing her platform as an extension of her blog, The Vogue Trip. Through her online presence, she shares valuable insights on travel, fashion, beauty, and various other topics, effortlessly connecting with her audience by sharing her diverse interests and life experiences.

Hayley Stommel’s presence in the entertainment industry, coupled with her influence on social media, continues to inspire and captivate her followers, making her an influential and cherished figure among her admirers.

Who is Hayley Stommel’s Husband, Tyler Hubbard?

Tyler Hubbard, the gifted and magnetic musician, is renowned as one-half of the acclaimed country music duo Florida Georgia Line. Born on January 31, 1987, in Monroe, Georgia, Tyler’s fervor for music ignited in his early years. As a skillful songwriter and vocalist, he has been instrumental in shaping the dynamic sound and remarkable triumphs of the chart-topping duo.

Hayley Stommel's husband
Hayley Stommel’s husband Tyler Hubbard is a popular singer


With his unique voice and captivating stage presence, Tyler has enthralled audiences across the globe, earning a plethora of accolades and honors for his exceptional contributions to the country music genre. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Tyler cherishes his role as a devoted husband to his wife, Hayley Stommel, and as a loving father to their children.

He effortlessly embodies the spirit of a contemporary country artist, seamlessly harmonizing his passion for music with a strong commitment to family values and charitable endeavors. Tyler Hubbard’s vibrant energy, extraordinary talent, and authentic character continue to elevate him as an esteemed and cherished icon in the realm of country music.

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