Quick Facts of Huia Bennett

In the world of showbiz, celebrity families often captivate our attention, and one such family is the Bennetts. At the heart of this famous family is 13-year-old Huia Bennett, the daughter of the renowned actor Manu Bennett and the resilient entrepreneur Karen Horen.

Huia’s journey, despite her young age, is filled with intriguing tales of love, hardship, and inspiration. Let’s find out more about her below:

How old is Huia Bennett? Her Age and Family Details

Born on April 20, 2007, Huia is the middle child in her family, flanked by two older sisters, Pania and Mokoia. Her father, Manu Bennett, hails from New Zealand and is celebrated for his roles in iconic fantasy works, including his portrayal of Crixus in the television series “Spartacus” and Slade Wilson in “Arrow.”

On the other hand, her mother, Karen Horen, grew up in Israel and later moved to Australia for her education. It was in Australia that destiny brought Manu and Karen together in 2005, sparking a love story that would lead to the birth of their beautiful daughters.

Huia Bennett with her sisters
Huia Bennett with her sisters


In 2009, the couple made the decision to move to Auckland, marking a significant chapter in their journey together. While the specifics of their marital status remain a mystery, some sources suggest that they were engaged at one point. Regardless of their official status, their love story was one for the books, with three lovely daughters to prove it. Check out another celebrity daughter, Armani Gaulden.

What Went Wrong to the Love Life of Huia’s Parents?

Life, however, took an unexpected turn when, after a decade together, the power couple, Manu and Karen decided to part ways. This news left fans and well-wishers heartbroken, especially after the couple was seen happily strolling the streets of Peru just a year prior, with Karen visiting Manu on the set of “Death Race 2050.”

The official separation occurred in 2017. Then, fifteen months later, Manu Bennett found himself in a legal battle, facing assault charges for an altercation with a fan in Texas. As of now, both Manu and Karen are leading separate lives. While Manu remains busy with his acting career, Karen is focused on raising their three daughters and managing her own company.

Do You Know About Karen Horen’s Cancer Battle?

Karen Horen’s life took a harrowing turn when she was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 26. The news was devastating for both her and her family. To combat the disease, she underwent two surgeries, including two partial mastectomies, endured a grueling twelve months of chemotherapy, and faced six weeks of radiotherapy. It was a physically and mentally taxing journey. Yet, after emerging victorious, she met Manu Bennett, ushering in a happier chapter in her life.

Huia Bennett's parents are no more together
Huia Bennett’s parents, Manu and Karen are no longer together


Tragically, the shadow of cancer returned when Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer on her right side. This time, she faced it alone, as her relationship with Manu came to an end. It was a trying period, both physically and emotionally. But Karen’s indomitable spirit refused to succumb to despair. She drew strength and positivity from her three beautiful daughters, opting to stand tall in the face of adversity. Her resilience in fighting the disease serves as a testament to her courage and determination.

Further, Karen went on to found her own company, ‘ONEOFUS.NZ,’ a platform offering products tailored to cancer patients, including swimwear, health, beauty, and accessories. She also stepped into the role of a motivational speaker, sharing her inspiring journey. In 2011, she initiated the SUP boarding fundraiser for Cancer Rehabilitation, known as “Paddle for Hope.” Her dedication to helping others facing similar battles is truly commendable.

How  Much is Huia Bennett’s Net Worth?

The celebrity daughter, Huia Bennett’s net worth remains undisclosed, however, might enjoy a luxurious life as a celebrity child. Her mother, Karen, is estimated to have a net worth of about $1 million. Her earnings come from her celebrity status, her company, and her work as a writer.

Talking about Huia’s dad, Manu Bennett is a popular actor and is estimated to have a net worth of around $1.5 million, primarily earned from his acting career. Also see, Jeremy Rytky.

Personal Life of a Young Heart

At just 16 years old, the Starkid, Huia Bennett is not entangled in any romantic relationships and is enjoying the innocence of her early years.

Huia Bennett with her dad and sisters
Huia Bennett with her dad and sisters


Also, the teenage girl might be busy with her high school education now.

Privacy in the Age of Social Media

Unlike many of her peers, Huia has chosen to stay away from the world of social media.

You won’t find her on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Instead, she seems to be living a life away from the digital spotlight.

How Tall is Huia Bennett? Her looks?

Huia Bennett possesses an average height and weight for her age. She looks amazing with her light brown hair and dark brown eyes, making her a unique blend of her parents’ striking features.

Where is Huia Bennett Now? Her Current Life

Huia Bennett is busy with her studies now. She is one of the rising stars, born into a family where fame and resilience go hand in hand. At 16 years old, she has already witnessed the complexities of love and life.

Her mother, Karen Horen, stands as a symbol of strength, having conquered cancer not once, but twice, and then dedicating her life to helping others facing similar challenges. As Huia continues to grow, the world watches with anticipation, eager to see what path this young star will carve for herself in the future.

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