Quick Facts of Isidora Vives

  • Full NameIsidora Vives
  • Net Worth500000
  • Date of Birth28 September, 2002
  • BirthplaceChili
  • ProfessionActress
  • Nationality Mexican
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Brown
  • Height5 feet 2 inches

In the world of entertainment, few individuals manage to capture our attention and steal the limelight quite like Isidora Vives, the talented Mexican actress and entrepreneur.

She is a rising talent having huge followers on social media platforms too. We’re here to uncover the fascinating details about this rising star, so keep scrolling down.

Who Are Isidora Vives’ Parents?

Born in Chile to her loving parents Mateo Vives and Carolina Concha, Isidora’s journey from her humble beginnings to the dazzling world of showbiz is nothing short of inspiring.

With her younger sister named Fernanda and younger brother Mateo, Isidora’s story is one of perseverance and determination.

Isidora Vives with her belongings
Isidora Vives with her belongings


The Mexican nationality holder is currently 21 years old, being born on September 28, 2002. She comes from a Chilian ethnic background.

When Did Isidora Vives Start Her Career?

Isidora Vives’ love affair with the spotlight began at the tender age of 9 when she ventured into the world of television commercials. Her early start in the industry reflects her innate talent and charisma, traits that have undoubtedly propelled her into the dazzling career she enjoys today.

But it’s not just her acting skills that have captured the hearts of fans; her background as a ballet dancer during childhood has certainly contributed to her poise and grace. We can see her work in movies and TV shows like Waking Up with You, Mi Secreto, and more!

Educational Details

When it comes to Vives’ educational background, the details remain shrouded in mystery. It is apparent that Isidora Vives is a graduate, but the specifics of her academic journey remain undisclosed.

While some celebrities openly discuss their educational experiences, Isidora chooses to keep this aspect of her life hidden from the prying eyes of the public.

Isidora Vives as a Rising Star

Isidora’s rise in the entertainment industry is a testament to her unwavering dedication and talent. With an impressive eight movie and TV show credits under her belt, it is clear that she is a force to be reckoned with in the Mexican film and television scene.

Isidora Vives is a rising talent
Isidora Vives is a rising talent


Each project she is a part of showcases her versatility and range as an actress, leaving audiences eager to see more of her on the big and small screens. No doubt, the lady will be a part of more projects in the upcoming days.

How Much is Isidira’s Net Worth?

As Vives’ career continues to flourish, so does her financial standing. While precise figures are often speculative, it’s estimated that Isidora Vives enjoys a net worth of around $500 thousand. This financial success is a reflection of her hard work and the recognition she’s gained in the entertainment industry. It’s only the beginning of what promises to be a brilliant career.

But Isidora Vives is not just an actress; she’s also an entrepreneur with a thriving business, IsiCosmetics. Her foray into the world of beauty and cosmetics reflects her diverse interests and her keen entrepreneurial spirit. IsiCosmetics has garnered a following of its own, and it’s clear that Isidora is as business-savvy as she is talented in front of the camera.

Journey as a Social Media Star

In the age of social media, a celebrity’s online presence can be just as influential as their on-screen performances. With a staggering 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Isidora Vives has cultivated a devoted fan base that hangs on to her every post.

Likewise, the actress’ social media presence allows her to connect with fans on a personal level and share glimpses of her life, both professionally and personally. See another social media star, Yaya Kosikova

Is Isidira Vives Dating Anyone? Her Boyfriend?

One aspect of Isidora’s life that continues to intrigue her fans is her relationship status. While the details of her romantic life remain undisclosed, there have been rumors linking her to fellow celebrities such as Mau Lopez and Daniel Khosravi.

Isidora Vives with her friend
Isidora Vives with her friend


Whether these rumors hold any truth or if Isidora prefers to keep her personal life entirely private is a mystery that fans eagerly anticipate solving. She may soon reveal her actual boyfriend or partner.

Height and Looks

As a rising star in the entertainment world, Isidora Vives certainly stands out. With a lean 5-foot-2-inch frame, stunning brown hair, and captivating brown eyes, her beauty is undeniable.

Further, it is her charm and charisma that are qualities making her all the more captivating, and her trajectory in the industry suggests that her star will only continue to rise.

She has fit and healthy appearance, giving her an attractive look. Also, read about an actress, Melanie Liburd

Additionally, in the ever-evolving world of showbiz, Isidora Vives is a rising actress to watch. Her journey from early beginnings in Chile to her current status as a successful Mexican actress and entrepreneur is a testament to her talent, drive, and determination.

As she continues to shine on screen and make her mark in the business world, there’s no doubt that Isidora Vives is a name we’ll be hearing much more of in the years to come.

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