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Jonathan Berkery

Jonathan Berkery, widely recognized as the second son of the acclaimed Welsh singer Tom Jones, is a talented musician and singer. Despite his notable lineage, he has faced numerous challenges and difficulties throughout his life. Regrettably, he has never had the opportunity to personally meet his father.

Is Jonathan currently involved in a romantic relationship? What is he doing right now? To gain a comprehensive insight into his background, his wiki-bio delves into details concerning his parents, education, relationships, net worth, and additional pertinent information.

How Old is Jonathan Berkery? Know His Wiki-Bio

Jonathan Berkery was born in New Jersey, United States, on June 27, 1988. His birth came about from a brief encounter between his mother, Katherine Berkery, who was a former model and estate agent, and his father, Tom Jones. At the time, Tom was on tour in the United States, and Katherine, who was 24 years old, met him at a nightclub in New York City.

Jonathan Berkery
Jonathan Berkery was abandoned by his father Tom Jones. 

Upon learning of her pregnancy with Jones’ child, Katherine made attempts to contact him, but he denied being the father. As a result, she resorted to legal action, and a DNA test was conducted, confirming Tom was Jonathan’s biological father. However, despite the scientific evidence, he refused to recognize Jonathan as his son. Instead, he agreed to provide $2,500 per month in child support until Jonathan reached the age of 18.

His father claimed he didn’t feel anything for his son and blamed Katherine for misleading him into parenting. He also mentioned that his late wife Linda had given birth to their son, Mark Woodward. From 1957 until her death from cancer in 2016, Tom was married to Linda.

Does Jonathan Berkey Have Any Siblings?

Jonathan Berkery has a half-brother through his father’s previous marriage. Tom Jones joyfully welcomed his son, Mark Jones, into the world alongside his late wife Linda, shortly after their wedding in 1957. However, as of now, the two brothers have not established any form of communication or connection.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Mark pursued a career in the music industry and eventually became his father’s manager in the 1980s. Tom now proudly holds the title of grandfather to Mark’s two children, Alex Jones and Emma Jones. Interestingly, Alex has also made a name for himself as a skilled full-bore rifle shooter, having represented Wales in the Commonwealth Games.

Is Jonathan Berkery Currently in a Romantic Relationship or Dating Anyone?

Jonathan Berkery has maintained a level of privacy regarding his personal life and relationship status, making it unclear whether he is currently dating anyone. Further, he has chosen to maintain a presence in the public eye from a young age but prefers to keep a low-key profile when it comes to his personal life and public status.

Jonathan Berkery
Jonathan Berkery with her mother.

Furthermore, he has not been involved in a known romantic relationship or dating anyone. However, it cannot be confirmed whether he is currently single or in a relationship. It is possible that he may be keeping his relationship status private, or he might be prioritizing his career over romantic endeavors.

Why did Tom Jones Reject His Son?

Tom Jones did not want his son because he was an unplanned child. He blamed his mother, Katherine Berkery, for seducing him into a short affair that made her pregnant. He felt no attachment to Jonathan and ignored him.

Further, he also had another son, Mark Woodward, whom he loved and raised with his late wife Linda. He only paid child support for Jonathan until he was 18 but never tried to see him or form any bond with him.

What is Jonathan Berkery’s Net Worth?

When it comes to Jonathan Berkery’s net worth, he has not publicly disclosed any information about his earnings or overall financial status, similar to his other personal details. It is likely that he does not have much wealth, as he has struggled with homelessness and addiction in the past. Nevertheless, it can be inferred that he earns a significant income from his singing career.

Jonathan Berkery
Jonathan Berkery’s father Tom Jones has a net worth of $300 million as of now.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that he does not receive financial support from his father, Tom Jones, born Sir Thomas John Woodward OBE, who is a highly acclaimed Welsh singer who has enjoyed immense success throughout his career. With a remarkable net worth of $300 million, he has established himself as one of the most financially prosperous musicians in the industry. Further, American businessperson and musician Jarel Portman has a net worth of $5 million.

Career Highlights

Jonathan Berkery, lacking a paternal influence during his upbringing, experienced a tumultuous childhood marked by anger and rebellion. At the age of 16, he made the decision to leave his education and engage in drug use. Alongside this, he cultivated a passion for music, mastering the guitar and piano. Under the stage name Jon Jones, he aspired to establish himself as a singer.

Despite encountering numerous challenges and rejections in the music industry, Jon Jones also battled homelessness and addiction. He endured nights spent in shelters and on park benches, occasionally resorting to street performances for financial support. His determination to establish a musical identity independent of his father’s fame was resolute.

Additionally, he expressed a deep yearning for his father’s affection and validation, harboring the hope of eventually meeting him. Despite his attempts to establish contact through social media, he received no response. The public rejection he experienced from his father in 2008 deeply wounded him, causing significant emotional pain.

What Kind of Music Does Jonathan Berkery Sing?

Jonathan Berkery primarily busks with his father’s songs, but he has also showcased his own compositions like “I’m Not Your Son” and “I’m Not Your Son Part 2” on YouTube.

With a diverse range of musical talents, Jonathan skillfully accompanies himself on both guitar and piano, effortlessly blending his melodic prowess with his soulful vocals. His musical style spans various genres, including the infectious beats of pop, the smooth rhythms of R&B, and the timeless expressions of the soul, allowing him to connect with listeners from all walks of life.

In addition, Jonathan Berkery has a passion for self-expression through music and social media, primarily utilizing platforms such as Twitter and Youtube. However, it is noteworthy that he has recently deactivated his social media accounts.

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