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Kai Lewins, an accomplished Australian actor, boasts an extensive career spanning more than a decade in the entertainment industry. His journey commenced with the Australian series “Wild Boys” back in 2011, and since then, he has graced the screen with his talent in a total of 14 diverse roles. What sets Lewins apart is his genuine passion for surfing, making his portrayals in surf-related roles truly authentic. As a real surfer, he infuses his performances with a potent and fierce surfing style that captivates audiences.

Currently, viewers can witness Kai Lewins’ exceptional acting prowess in the compelling Netflix series “Surviving Summer.” In this show, he takes on the role of Ari Gibson, a character navigating through emotional turmoil, grappling with mental health issues, and confronting the cutthroat world of surfing. Additionally, Ari must find the strength to recover from a severe injury, making for a gripping and heartfelt portrayal by Lewins. Scroll down to learn further about the man.

Who is Kai Lewins’ Girlfriend? His Personal Life?

The rising actor, Lewins maintains a high level of privacy regarding his personal life, leaving no public information about his relationship status or girlfriend. Speculation from fans has arisen regarding a potential romantic connection with his “Surviving Summer” co-star, Sky Katz, due to their shared social media photos. Nonetheless, neither of them has officially confirmed any romantic involvement.

Kai Lewins may or may not be dating
Kai Lewins may or may not be dating


Also, there is no hint of his past relationship or dating history. Further, Kai shares a healthy relationship with his friends, family, and co-workers.

An Active Social Media User

Lewins maintains an active presence on Instagram, boasting an impressive following of over 79.7 thousand fans. On the platform, he consistently delights his followers with charming photos alongside friends and provides a sneak peek into his ongoing projects through behind-the-scenes snapshots.

Moreover, he shares his passion for the entertainment industry on his YouTube channel, captivating audiences with videos that chronicle his acting journey and offer insights into his experiences within the entertainment realm.

Is Kai Lewins a Millionaire? His Net Worth and Earnings in 2023

As of August 7th, 2023, Lewins’ estimated net worth is approximately $500 thousand. He has made acting his main source of income, and he has also gained financial prosperity through endorsement deals and other ventures.

Kai Lewins is a surfer
Kai Lewins is a surfer


Regarding Kai Lewins’s living situation, he leads a low-key lifestyle in a private residence, keeping his personal life out of the public eye. Also, there is no information available at the moment about Kai Lewins’s car collection.

Kai Lewins is popular for his stunning looks, attractive face, and captivating personality. Yet, it is his vibrant liveliness and distinctive rakish demeanor that truly makes him stand out. Throughout the years, Kai Lewins has built a thriving career, gaining widespread recognition and earning accolades for his exceptional talent and achievements.

Kai Lewins Height and Looks

Lewins stands at the height of about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 70 kg. He has blonde hair and captivating blue eyes, and he maintains a fit physique with a chest measuring 38 inches, a waist at 31 inches, and arms of 13 inches. You may like to read about Michael Taliferro.

When Was Kai Lewins Born? His Wiki/Bio: Age and Birth Details

Kai Lewins was born on 27th November 2001 in Sydney, Australia. Currently, he is 21 years old and is an Australian by nationality. Further, the man comes from a white ethnic background and spent his early days in his hometown.

Sadly, the actor is yet to revael his mother, father, and siblings. He is reported to have a sibling sister. Regarding education, Kai appears to be a university student now. Also, he is fond of surfing.

What do You Know About Kai Lewins’ Career in the Showbiz World?

Kai Lewins, the talented Australian actor, has made a lasting impact on the film and television industry, receiving accolades and nominations for his exceptional performances across various projects. Notably, he showcased his skills alongside Nicole Kidman in the Apple TV+ show “Roar.” Additionally, he left a mark on audiences with his memorable portrayals of Steve in “Moon Rock for Monday” and Julian in “Broken Line North.

Kai Lewins with his friends
Kai Lewins with his friends


Lewins embarked on his television career in 2011, making his debut appearance in the series “Wild Boys,” where he featured in seven episodes. Over the years, he also had notable roles in films like “Celeste” and “Moon Rock For Monday.” In 2017, he guest-starred in an episode of the miniseries “Pulse” and later in “Roar.” The year 2022 brought him significant fame as he featured in the Netflix miniseries “Surviving Summer,” alongside Savannah La Rain.

As a TV actor, Kai Lewins has built a successful career, becoming his primary source of income. His dedication, hard work, and exceptional talent have contributed to his great success and established him as one of the industry’s most skilled professionals. With his achievements, he has garnered significant financial gains and opened up exciting opportunities for further growth and success. See another rising star, Lucas Jade Zumann.

Kai Lewins Movies and TV Shows

Here is a list of movies and television shows featuring Kai Lewins:

  1. 2011: Wild Boys
  2. 2013: The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting
  3. 2013: Meet Timothy
  4. 2013: Push
  5. 2013: Hereafter
  6. 2014: Smithson
  7. 2014: The Uneducated
  8. 2014: Carlotta
  9. 2017: Pulse
  10. 2018: Celeste
  11. 2019: Broken Line North
  12. 2020: Moon Rock For Monday
  13. 2021: Peter Rabbit 2: The Run Away
  14. 2022: Roar
  15. 2022: Surviving Summer
  16. 2022: The Twelve

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