Quick Facts of Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline

  • Full NameKaleb Michael Jackson Federline
  • Date of Birth20 July, 2004
  • BirthplaceUSA
  • Ethnicity Mixed
  • ProfessionActor
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Black
  • HeightAbout 5 feet 8 inches

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, where the drama unfolds both on and off the stage, the story of Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline captivates with its unique twists and turns. Born on July 20, 2004, the 19-year-old rising star is making waves not just as an actor but also as the co-owner of Vibrancy Theatre.

In this gossip-filled expose, we delve into the Starkid, Kaleb’s family ties, his journey to stardom, and the intricate web of relationships that have shaped his path. So stay with us!

What Went Wrong with the Married Life of Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline’s Parents?

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline’s family tree reads like a Hollywood script, complete with romance, heartbreak, and an eclectic mix of characters. His parents, Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson were once part of a headline-grabbing love story that took unexpected turns. Kevin, a name synonymous with Hollywood controversies, began dating actress and singer Shar Jackson in 2000.

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline with his mom, Shar Jackson
Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline with his mom, Shar Jackson


Their whirlwind romance resulted in the birth of two children, Kori Madison Federline (born July 31, 2002), and Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline himself. However, the couple’s relationship hit turbulent waters when Kevin Federline ended things with Shar shortly before the birth of Kaleb. The reason? A high-profile relationship with pop sensation Britney Spears.

The Federline-Spears union created ripples not just in Hollywood but in Kaleb’s young life. The breakup, as Shar Jackson put it, wasn’t merely the end of a romantic liaison but felt more like “breaking up a family.” Despite the twists and turns, Shar and Kevin sustained an amicable relationship, with Shar commending Kevin’s parenting skills.

In the intricate Federline family tree, the young man Kaleb has a constellation of siblings, including Kori Madison Federline, Peyton Marie Federline, Cassalei Monique Jackson, Sean Preston Federline, Jayden Federline, and Donovan Jackson. This blended family dynamic adds layers of complexity to Kaleb’s personal narrative.

Inside Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline’s Rising Career

As Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline steps into the limelight, he is not merely riding on the coattails of his famous parents. The 19-year-old is carving his own path as a rising star and entrepreneur. Not content with just being an actor, the Starkid has ventured into the realm of theatre ownership as the co-owner of Vibrancy Theatre, signaling a bold move into the world of entertainment beyond the silver screen.

This newfound venture speaks volumes about Kaleb’s ambition and determination to leave his mark on the entertainment industry. Under Kaleb’s ownership, Vibrancy Theatre is poised to become a hotspot for artistic expression and a testament to his commitment to fostering creativity. See another celebrity son, Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg.

What is Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline’s Relationship Status?

Good looking man, Kaleb seems single now as the man is yet to reveal his love life. While this man is writing the first chapters of his Hollywood story, his dad Kevin Federline has navigated a romantic rollercoaster over the years. Kevin’s relationship history includes a high-profile marriage to pop princess Britney Spears in 2004, a union that lasted until 2007. The divorce, like many celebrity splits, played out in the public eye, marking a tumultuous chapter in Kevin’s personal life.

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline's dad, Kevin with his ex-wife, Britney Spears
Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline’s dad, Kevin with his ex-wife, Britney Spears


Post the Spears era, Kevin found love again and tied the knot with Victoria Prince in 2013. This chapter in Kevin’s life speaks to the resilience and evolution of a man whose romantic journey has been scrutinized by the media and fans alike.

On the other side of Kaleb’s familial spectrum is Shar Jackson, an actress and singer whose romantic journey includes a marriage to Corey Jackson from 1992 to 1995. Despite the challenges presented by her breakup with Kevin Federline, Shar has managed to navigate the complexities of Hollywood relationships with grace and resilience. She seems single now.

How Much Net Worth Does Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline Hold?

In the financial realm, the rising star, Kaleb is yet to make huge money. However, as a Starkid, he might be living a luxurious life. His dad, Kevin Federline, while not scaling the heights of Hollywood’s A-list, has collected a respectable net worth of around $1.5 million. This financial standing, coupled with his enduring presence in the entertainment industry, showcases Kevin’s ability to navigate the glitzy but often treacherous landscape of Hollywood.

In terms of finances, Kaleb’s mom, Shar’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand, a testament to her own contributions to the entertainment industry. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the lady has proven herself as a loving and supportive mother, a role she continues to embrace as Kaleb steps into the spotlight.

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline’s Social Life

In an era where social media serves as a window into the lives of celebrities, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline takes a somewhat enigmatic approach. While details about his early life, education, and personal preferences remain under wraps, Kaleb occasionally offers glimpses into his world through social media.

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline's dad, Kevin
Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline’s dad, Kevin Federline


On Instagram, where Kaleb boasts a following eager for updates on his burgeoning career, he shares snippets of his acting endeavors and glimpses into his life as the co-owner of Vibrancy Theatre. This measured engagement with social media adds an air of mystery to Kaleb’s persona, leaving fans hungry for more insights into the life of this rising star.

In the grand symphony of Hollywood, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline is crafting his unique melody—a blend of family ties, entrepreneurial spirit, and a determination to make his mark in the entertainment world.

From the romantic sagas of his parents to his own ventures into theatre ownership, Kaleb’s journey is one that captivates with its highs, lows, and the promise of a future filled with artistic promise. As he steps into adulthood, Kaleb’s story continues to unfold, leaving fans and onlookers alike eagerly anticipating the next captivating notes in his Hollywood symphony.

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