Know About The Most Dominant Battery Ever Made

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Name: Zhangbei Battery
Manufacturer Country: China
Manufacturer Company: China’s State Grid Corporation and BYD, the electrical vehicle manufacturer
Power:36 Megawatt Hour
Date of manufacture:3rd Jan 2012


BYD-Fe-BatteryProducing a huge 36 Mega-Watt-Hours (MWh) of energy storage via a “smart” power transmission system, the world’s largest battery was successfully implemented in Zhangbei, Hebei Province, China.With the availability of the battery. China, now, has the potential to resist any intermingle produced by the wind and solar power at a neighboring farm.Battery, the dimension of the building, sounds not real but after the invention of this battery, it becomes unbroken reality.

China’s State Grid Corporation and BYD, the electrical vehicle manufacturer established in 1995, the greatest supplier of rechargeable batteries in the globe, the highest market share for Nickel-cadmium batteries, handset Li-ion batteries, cell-phone, chargers and keypads worldwide combinedly created this giant and battery. Really, it is the best result of science and technology.It is obvious that thousands of miniature batteries are connected in series to build up this incredible huge powerful battery.

The battery monitors and reserves energy produced from local 100-megawatt wind turbines and 40-megawatt solar photovoltaic panels that can power 12,000 homes for up to an hour in the event of the total network crash.

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Running in a supposed $500 million price tag, this monstrous battery is commissioned in a suitable building larger than a soccer field and has a digital brain to regulate the supply of energy as required.Without any doubt, the world is blessed with this outcome.

The batteries themselves are primarily the same lithium-ion phosphate type that it outlines for cars. Although there are renewable generation systems of this scale in service today, there are not any battery systems of this size.The battery has successfully taken its place in Guinness World Books Record entitling as the most powerful battery in the world.

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