Quick Facts of Mara Hennessey

  • Full NameMara Hennessey
  • Net Worth500 thousand
  • BirthplaceUSA
  • Ethnicity White
  • ProfessionPhotography
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Purple
  • HeightAbout 5 feet 7 inches

Mara Hennessey is a talented photographer who is more than just the wife of the legendary American rock star David Johansen. She created her own path in the world of photography, capturing iconic moments with her camera. What is she doing these days? Is Mara still married to David? Let’s know about this lady in today’s article:

What is Mara Hennessey’s Age in 2023? Her Family Life?

Born in the United States and raised in New York City, the celebrity wife, Mara seems to be in her sixties now. Likewise, the lady is an American by nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity. However, there is not much data on her parents and siblings.

Mara Hennessey with her younger sister
Mara Hennessey with her younger sister


Her journey from the School of Visual Arts to photographing rock and roll legends like Patti Smith, Ed Rauscha, and David Bowie is a fascinating one.

Early Life and Career

Mara Hennessey’s story began in the bustling streets of New York City. She attended the School of Visual Arts and graduated with a degree in photography, marking the start of her career. Her passion for photography led her to work for various magazines and newspapers, where she honed her skills.

But what truly set her apart was her ability to capture the essence of rock and roll through her lens. She later became a sought-after freelance photographer, working with music legends such as Patti Smith, Ed Rauscha, and the iconic David Bowie.

How Is Mara Hennessey’s Married Relationship with David Johansen?

In 2011, Mara’s life took an exciting turn when she entered into a relationship with David Johansen, the lead singer of the New York Dolls and Buster Poindexter. Their love story blossomed, and in 2013, they tied the knot.

Mara Hennessey and her husband, David still share a lovely bond
Mara Hennessey and her husband, David still share a lovely bond


The lovely couple is blessed with two children, and Mara has been a pillar of support for her husband throughout his illustrious career. She’s been by his side during tours and has attended countless concerts, showing her unwavering commitment to their relationship.

Till now, there is no data on the pair’s marriage issues. They have a lovely bond and are getting stronger together. Talking about past relationships, Mara may or may not have been married previously, but her husband, David married thrice in his lifetime.

The rock star, David married Kate Simon in 1983 and separated in 2011. Also, he married Cyrinda Foxe, an actress, model, and publicist from 1977 to 1978. Please check out another celebrity wife, Gemi Bordelon

Take a Look at Her Husband’s Career

Mara’s better half, David Johansen’s career stands as a tapestry woven with remarkable accomplishments in the field of rock and music. He emerged as the magnetic frontman for the New York Dolls, playing a pivotal role in molding the punk and glam rock scenes of the 1970s. Also, his magnetic stage presence and distinctive vocals not only cultivated a devoted fan following but also etched an indelible imprint in the annals of rock history.

Likewise, Johansen’s artistic journey further unfurled with the advent of his alter ego, Buster Poindexter, wherein he embraced a distinct musical style, ultimately achieving chart-topping triumphs with hits such as “Hot Hot Hot.” Across multiple decades, David Johansen’s contributions to the world of rock music continue to hold an iconic status, underscoring his enduring influence and remarkable versatility as a performer.

Social Media Presence

Mara Hennessey is not just a talented photographer and a devoted wife and mother; she has also a presence on social media. With over 3,000 followers on her Instagram account, she shares glimpses of her life, travels, and, of course, her photography work.

Her posts reflect her love for her family, her passion for photography, and her admiration for her husband’s music and performances. Further, the celebrity wife never misses an opportunity to flaunt her married life on her social media accounts.

What is Mara Hennessey’s Net Worth Now?

Mara Hennessey’s hard work and dedication contributed to her estimated net worth of approximately $500 thousand. This includes her earnings from her photography career. No doubt the lady makes a huge sum to sport her luxurious lifestyle.

Mara Hennessey and her husband, David during an event
Mara Hennessey and her husband, David during an event


Talking about her husband’s riches, the singer, David seems to have around $2 Million. His major earning source is his music career.

Where is Mara Hennessey  Today? Her Current Life

Today, Mara Hennessey resides in New York City with her husband, David Johansen, and their two children. She continues to pursue her photography career, capturing the beauty of life through her lens. Alongside her professional endeavors, she remains a steadfast and loving wife and mother. Her active presence on social media keeps her fans updated on her family and her creative work, making her a multi-talented and inspiring figure in her own right.

Hennessey’s journey from a photography enthusiast to a renowned photographer is a testament to her talent and passion. Her supportive role in her husband’s life and her flourishing career make her a remarkable figure in the world of rock and photography. With her captivating images and unwavering commitment to her family, she continues to inspire us all.

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