Quick Facts of Marilou Covey

  • Full NameMarilou Covey
  • BirthplaceCanada
  • Ethnicity White
  • ProfessionTeacher
  • Nationality Canadian

In the annals of history, some individuals remain in the shadows, known mainly for their association with famous figures. Marilou Covey, a late teacher, author, and humanitarian, fits this description perfectly. Her life story is a blend of love, tragedy, and the enduring legacy of the late 20th century.

Although her birth details and parentage may remain veiled, her journey through life, particularly her marriage to renowned chef Susur Lee, and her untimely demise in a tragic aviation incident, are stories worth telling.

A Fateful Meeting in Canada

Marilou Covey’s life took a dramatic turn in 1978 when she crossed paths with Susur Lee, a chef who had recently immigrated to Canada. Their meeting was not just a chance encounter; it marked the beginning of a profound connection that would change both of their lives forever.

Marilou Covey is popular as the first wife of chef, Susur
Marilou Covey is popular as the first wife of chef, Susur Lee


The year they met, they also decided to embark on a shared journey through marriage, vowing to support and care for each other in sickness and in health, as the traditional wedding vows go.

How Was Her Married Life with Susur Lee?

As Marilou and Susur embarked on their journey together, they forged a unique partnership. Susur Lee, known for his culinary expertise, brought flavors and innovation to the table, while Marilou Covey, who had previously worked as a teacher, author, and humanitarian, contributed her knowledge, support, and love to their union.

Their shared experiences in the rich tapestry of life were bound to be filled with adventure and excitement. They lived a happy married life together till Marilou’s death in 1983. Sadly, no data is covering their children. See another celebrity wife, Christiana Wyly.

What Happened to Marilou While Moving to Hong Kong?

In 1983, Marilou and Susur made a significant decision to move to Hong Kong, a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant culture and dynamic lifestyle.

Marilou Covey's then-husband, Susur Lee and mother in law
Marilou Covey’s then-husband, Susur Lee and mother-in-law


It was a bold move that would have far-reaching consequences, both for their personal lives and for Susur Lee’s culinary career.

Little did they know that this decision would also set the stage for a tragic event that would shock the world.

A Heartbreaking Tragedy

The fateful day of September 1, 1983, will forever be etched in the memories of those who knew Marilou Covey. On that day, she boarded Korean Air Lines Flight 007, along with 268 other passengers. Tragically, the flight was destroyed by a Soviet jet fighter, resulting in the loss of all lives on board. Marilou was just one of many innocent individuals caught in the midst of a political and military conflict that had nothing to do with their personal lives.

The incident shook the world and became an international incident, with political implications and repercussions. The loss of Marilou Covey was a personal tragedy for her family, friends, and, of course, her husband, Susur Lee. It also serves as a poignant reminder of the collateral damage that can result from larger geopolitical conflicts.

What is Susur Lee’s Current Relationship Status?

After the death of his first wife, Susur Lee got married to Brenda Bent in 1991. They’ve been together for a long time and have three kids: Jet Bent-Lee, Levi Bent-Lee, and Kai Bent-Lee.

Marilou Covey's then-husband, Susur Lee with his wife
Marilou Covey’s then-husband, Susur Lee with his wife, Benta


Their love and togetherness have made their family strong, and it has also been important in making Susur Lee, a very famous chef.

Likewise, the pair’s life together shows that love can last a long time, and they enjoy raising their lovely family.

Marilou’s Net Worth at Her Death

While Marilou’s net worth remains unclear, her legacy is not measured in monetary terms. Her life, though tragically short, left an indelible mark on the people who knew her and loved her. Her work as a teacher, author, and humanitarian undoubtedly impacted the lives of many.

On the other hand, Susur Lee, her husband, went on to become a culinary sensation with a net worth of over $8 million, amassing fame and fortune through his remarkable culinary skills. He has continued to honor the memory of his late wife in his own way, carrying her spirit with him as he achieves new heights of success in the culinary world. Check out another chef, Ainsley Harriott.

Likewise, Susur Lee is an amazing chef who’s known for mixing different kinds of foods and cooking styles. He had a famous restaurant called “Susur” in Toronto, and he has other successful restaurants like “Lee” and “Fring’s.” He’s not just known for cooking; he’s also been on TV cooking shows like “Iron Chef America” and has written popular cookbooks. People love his creative way of cooking and the fact that he combines flavors from all around the world. He’s won awards and has lots of fans, including other chefs and people who really like food.

Social Life and Remembrance

Marilou Covey’s story, though obscured by time and overshadowed by her husband’s success, is one of love, tragedy, and a testament to the unpredictability of life. Her journey, from an undisclosed birth to her untimely death, reminds us of the fragility of existence and the lasting impact one can have, even in the face of adversity.

Her legacy lives on, not just through her family but also through the story of her life, a narrative that speaks to the power of love and the profound impact one individual can have on the world, no matter how brief their time in it.

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