Quick Facts of Marita Geraghty

  • Full NameMarita Geraghty
  • Net Worth2 million
  • Date of Birth26 March, 1962
  • Marital Status Divorced
  • BirthplaceUSA
  • ProfessionFormer Actress
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Browb
  • Hair colour Brown
  • HeightAbout 5 feet 6 inches
  • Children2

In the ever-evolving world of Hollywood, some stars shine brightly for a moment and then gracefully step out of the spotlight. One such luminary is Marita Geraghty, born on March 26, 1962, in the heart of Chicago, Illinois.

At 61 years old, this former actress has left an indelible mark on the industry, and while her screen days may be behind her, the intrigue surrounding her life continues. Let’s learn more about this TV actress below:

When Did Marita Geraghty Start Her Showbiz Career?

Marita’s journey into the world of fame and fortune took an unexpected turn when she made her Broadway debut in 1987 in “Coastal Disturbances.” It was a promising start that hinted at a flourishing career ahead.

However, life had different plans for Marita, and as the years rolled by, she gracefully transitioned into a new chapter – one away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Marita Geraghty is a former actress
Marita Geraghty is a former actress


One pivotal moment in Marita’s career was her Broadway debut in “Coastal Disturbances” in 1987 as mentioned earlier. This marked a significant step in her journey as an actress, opening doors to a world of possibilities.

The bright lights of Broadway showered attention on Marita, and for a while, it seemed like the stage would be her domain for years to come. However, life’s twists and turns led her to make choices that eventually redirected her path.

What is Marita Geraghty’s Current Relationship Status?

A significant part of Marita’s personal narrative includes her family life. The actress was married to fellow actor Michael Maguire and the two shared vows until 2001. The union brought forth two beautiful daughters, Kathleen Rose Maguire and Fiona Marie Maguire.

While the details of her current relationship status remain unclear, recent signs suggest that Marita might be navigating the waters of a single life. Regardless, her focus appears to be on her family and potentially some undisclosed professional commitments.

Marita Geraghty’s Net Worth Now

Financially, Marita Geraghty is no stranger to success. With a net worth estimated at around $2 million, the lady has certainly carved a comfortable niche for herself.

Marita Geraghty made a good money as an actress
Marita Geraghty made good money as an actress


Meanwhile, her ex-husband Michael Maguire has a substantial fortune of about $1 million, accumulated through his own achievements in the acting realm. The divorce didn’t seem to dim Marita’s financial glow, and she seems to be steering her ship quite well in this aspect of her life. Besides, actress cum model, Melissa Baker has around $500 thousand now.

Where is Marita Geraghty Now?

In recent times, Marita has chosen to live a low-key and private life, distancing herself from the frenzy of social media. This deliberate move towards a more secluded existence raises questions about the actress’s current pursuits and aspirations.

Is she immersing herself in family life, exploring new professional endeavors, or simply savoring the tranquility away from the public eye? The answer remains a mystery as Marita guards her personal space with utmost diligence.

What Are Marita Geraghty’s Physical Stats?

Described as a gorgeous lady with brown hair and brown eyes, Marita stands at a respectable height of about 5 feet 6 inches. Her elegance and poise have left an everlasting impression on those who have crossed paths with her.

Despite her on-screen success, the actress has chosen to keep certain aspects of her life veiled in mystery, notably her childhood.

Marita Geraghty’s Wiki Bio

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Marita Geraghty’s formative years are a chapter she has yet to fully disclose to the public. Perhaps it is a deliberate choice, a way for the actress to maintain a sense of privacy amidst the prying eyes of fame. There is limited data on her parents and siblings.

Marita Geraghty with her showbiz friends
Marita Geraghty with her showbiz friends


The University of Illinois can boast Marita as one of its accomplished alumni, but beyond that academic milestone, the details of her early life remain largely undisclosed.

As we navigate the winding roads of Marita Geraghty’s life, it becomes evident that her story is one of resilience, mystery, and deliberate choices. The former actress has managed to maintain a sense of normalcy and privacy despite the fame that once surrounded her.

Whether she’s savoring the joys of family life, pursuing undisclosed professional endeavors, or simply reveling in the quietude of a life away from the public gaze, Marita Geraghty remains an enigmatic figure, leaving us to wonder what adventures lie beyond the curtain of her private world. Julie Landfield is also a former actress.

Marita Geraghty’s Movies and TV Shows

The American TV actress, Marita is no longer involved in acting. She acted in many movies and TV shows like:

1. The Ex List (2008)
2. Use As Directed (2008)
3. Numb3rs (2005)
4. Miss Match (2003)
5. Charmed (1998)

6. Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)

7. Against the Law (1990)
8. Law & Order (1990)
9. Touched by an Angel (1994)
10. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000)
11. Judging Amy (1999)
12. The Luck of the Irish (2001)
13. Chicago Hope (1994)
14. Frasier (1993)
15. In the Flesh (1995)
16. Mad About You (1992)
17. Don Juan DeMarco (1994)
18. Seinfeld (1989)
16. Past Tense (1994)
17. Groundhog Day (1993)
18. Woops! (1992)

19. Law & Order (1990)
20. Hard Time on Planet Earth (1989)
21. Fresh Horses (1988)
22. Morning Maggie (TV Movie, 1987)
23. Broadcast News (1987)
24. Hero (1992)
25. This Is My Life (1992)

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