Quick Facts of Maritza Masvidal

  • Full NameMaritza Masvidal
  • Net Worth$100,000
  • Date of Birth18 May, 1988
  • NicknameMaritza
  • Marital Status Divorced
  • BirthplaceUnited States
  • Nationality American
  • Hair colour Black
  • Height5 feet 11 inches
  • Weight77 Kg
  • Children2
Maritza Masvidal

You may not know her name, but you have probably seen her face. Maritza Masvidal is the woman who was caught in the middle of a feud between two MMA fighters, Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington. Maritza is Jorge’s long-time wife and the mother of his two children.

Furthermore, she is a name that has been making headlines in the boxing community recently, as rumors of an alleged affair with Colby have been circulating online. But who is she? What does she do? And what is the status of her marriage with Jorge? Find out more facts about her in this article.

Maritza Masvidal’s Wiki-Bio

Maritza Masvidal was born on May 17, 1988, in the United States. Further, she hasn’t revealed the information about her family and siblings to the public yet. However, she gained popularity when she married UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal in 2013. The couple had been together for several years before tying the knot, and they have three children together.

However, she has been seen accompanying her husband to his fights and events, and she is often spotted in the crowd cheering him on. Regarding her education, she hasn’t disclosed her education to the general public maybe she has completed her schooling in her local hometown school. She has managed to keep her personal life private, and she has not shared any details about her academic background.

Who is Jorge Masvidal?

Jorge Masvidal is a well-known American retired mixed martial artist who made a name for himself in the UFC. He competed in both the Welterweight and Lightweight divisions throughout his career, fighting for various promotions such as Bellator, Strikeforce, and World Victory Road. He is famous for his record-breaking five-second knockout victory against Ben Askren in UFC 239 and for winning the UFC BMF Championship belt.

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal is an American retired mixed martial artist and MMA fighter. 

Further, the former fighter was born on November 12, 1984, in Miami, Florida, to a Cuban father and a Peruvian mother. In his upbringing, he actively participated in street fighting from a young age and even attended Kimbo Slice’s backyard fights. Multiple arrests for street fights prompted him to shift his focus to MMA, and he initiated his career in 2003.

His popularity skyrocketed after his historic five-second knockout win over Ben in 2019. He gained even more recognition after winning the UFC BMF Championship belt against Nate Diaz later that year. Throughout his career, Masvidal had a record of 35 wins and 16 losses. He retired from MMA in 2023 after losing four consecutive fights, citing physical and mental exhaustion as his reasons for retiring.

Maritza Masvidal & Jorge Masvidal Relationship Status

Maritza Masvidal’s relationship with her ex-husband, Jorge Masvidal, has been the subject of much controversy and speculation in the media. Collado is the former wife of the former MMA fighter and UFC star. They have two children together, but details about their identities are scarce.

Maritza Masvidal
Maritza Masvidal with the American mixed martial artist Colby Covington.

According to reports, Jorge filed for divorce in 2016, but the reason behind their separation was never disclosed to the public. It remains unclear whether they finalized the divorce or reconciled.

Maritza’s name came to public attention in 2019 when Colby Covington, a fellow MMA fighter and Jorge’s rival, posted a picture of himself with her on Instagram. He accused Jorge of being a deadbeat father and claimed that Maritza had let him stay on her couch. Jorge denied these allegations and countered that he was the one who had let Colby stay with him in the past.

Why Did Jorge & Maritza Split Up?

Jorge and Maritza have kept the details of their split private, and the exact reason for their separation remains undisclosed to the public. However, there have been rumors circulating that Jorge was unfaithful to Maritza during their marriage and had extramarital affairs with other women.

It is unclear if these rumors hold any truth, and neither party has confirmed or denied them. It is also possible that Jorge’s demanding and busy career as an MMA fighter could have caused some tension in their marriage, leading to their split. In 2016, Jorge filed for divorce, but it is uncertain whether they finalized the divorce or reconciled after that.

Since their separation, the couple has kept a low profile, and there is limited information available regarding their current relationship status or interactions with each other. Furthermore, it may be of interest to check the current relationship status of Jackie Chung, an American model, and actress.

Net worth of Maritza Masvidal

Maritza Masvidal’s net worth is not publicly available as she has maintained her personal and financial life in secrecy. It is unclear if she received any portion of Jorge’s net worth as part of their divorce settlement, assuming they finalized the divorce. For now, her estimated net worth is around $100,000.

Maritza Masvidal
Maritza Masvidal’s former partner Jorge Masvidal has a net worth of $6 million as of now.

On the other hand, Jorge Masvidal, Mor Shapiro’s ex-husband, has had a successful career in the sport as an American mixed martial artist. His net worth is around $6 million, is a result of his various ventures. Besides that, American actor and TV star Max Thieriot has a net worth of $2 million.

Is Maritza Masvidal Active on Social Media?

Maritza Masvidal is not active on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Maybe she has managed to maintain her personal life private from the public eye. Further, she appears to be inactive on social media since she has either deleted or removed all her accounts.

lastly, Jorge maintains an active presence on social media with over 4.8 million followers on his Instagram account, where he shares videos and pictures related to his MMA career, family, friends, and lifestyle. He also has a Twitter and Facebook account with over a million followers, where he expresses his views, shares updates about his fights, interacts with his fans, and promotes his sponsors.

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