Quick Facts of Melissa Baker

  • Full NameMelissa Baker
  • Net Worth500000
  • Date of Birth06 October, 1987
  • BirthplaceUSA
  • ProfessionActress, Model
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Blue
  • Hair colour Brown
  • Height5 feet 9 inches
Melissa Baker lives a low key profile life

In the shining world of Hollywood, where the spotlight often chases the brightest stars, there exists a rare gem named Melissa Baker. Despite her multifaceted talents as an actress, makeup artist, model, and stunt performer, this lady has managed to remain an enigma, carefully navigating the limelight while leaving a trail of memorable performances. Where is she now? Who is her husband? Let’s find out about this model below:

When Did Melissa Baker Start Her Career?

Melissa’s journey into the world of modeling began at the tender age of 15, a testament to her early recognition and undeniable talent. Her journey into the entertainment industry began in 2000 with the TV show “Waking Mele,” marking the inception of a career that would later become a tapestry of diverse roles and accomplishments. Her unique blend of skills, from gracing the screen to working behind the scenes in the makeup department, has set her apart in an industry that often demands specialization.

Melissa Baker is a model cum actress
Melissa Baker is a model cum actress


Delving into her professional portfolio, Melissa Baker boasts an impressive 10 acting credits to her name. Her notable works include “Mercs,” “Destiny the Quest,” “Amen,” “The Show,” “The Artist,” and “Hollywood Zombies,” among others. Each role showcases her versatility, proving that Melissa is not confined to a single genre or typecast. Her ability to seamlessly transition between acting, makeup artistry, and stunt performances underscores her dedication to her craft. Check out another model, Jade Weber

How Rich is Melissa Baker?

Despite her reserved nature, Melissa has amassed a commendable net worth, estimated to be around $500 thousand. This financial milestone reflects not only her success in the competitive entertainment industry but also her ability to navigate the unpredictable terrain of Hollywood with grace and resilience. Indeed, her showbiz career serves as the primary source of her earnings, a testament to her enduring impact on both the big and small screens.

Melissa Baker is a model

What distinguishes Melissa from her peers is not just her talent but also her elusive presence in the media. In an age dominated by social media, Melissa Baker has chosen a path less traveled, making it challenging for fans and enthusiasts to catch a glimpse of her daily life. Her social media accounts, once active, now seem to be shrouded in mystery, leaving followers yearning for updates on her latest projects and personal milestones. So we cannot say much about her current lifestyle and luxuries.

What is Melissa Baker’s Age?

Born on October 6, 1987, in Akron, Ohio, USA, Melissa Baker’s roots run deep in White Greek heritage. Currently, at the age of 36, the model is an American nationality holder.

Her Height and Looks

Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches, Melissa has striking features that include captivating blue eyes and luscious brown hair. Brazilian model, Rose Costa has impressive physics.

Education and Early Life

A graduate of Stow-Monroe Falls High School, Melissa’s academic achievements have complemented her artistic prowess. However, details about her parents remain a well-guarded secret, adding another layer to the mystery that shrouds this talented individual.

Melissa’s ability to keep her personal life away from the prying eyes of the media has only intensified the public’s curiosity.

Who is Melissa Baker’s Husband?

Melissa’s personal life took a new turn with her marriage to Brad Hewitt. The union has been blessed with the joy of parenthood, as the couple welcomed a son into their lives.

Melissa Baker lives a low key profile life
Melissa Baker lives a low-key profile life


Maintaining a low-key profile, Baker has yet to reveal her past relationships and dating history. Let’s hope she is still with her husband and is enjoying a happy married life.

Despite the demands of a bustling career and the inherent challenges of stardom, the model cum actress appears to navigate the delicate balance between family life and professional commitments with grace.

Melissa Baker These Days

As fans eagerly await Melissa’s next on-screen appearance or social media update, it’s clear that this Hollywood gem is not just an actress; she is a master of her craft, a guardian of her privacy, and an inspiration to those who value authenticity in an industry often marked by excess. She might be busy with her professional endeavors and family life these days.

In a world that thrives on constant visibility, Melissa Baker’s decision to remain a mystery is a testament to her commitment to the art itself rather than the trappings of fame. As her fans continue to speculate about her next move, one thing is certain – Melissa Baker’s journey is as intriguing as the characters she brings to life on the screen.

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