Quick Facts of Molly Elizabeth Brolin

  • Full NameMolly Elizabeth Brolin
  • Net Worth2 Million
  • Date of Birth28 November, 1987
  • BirthplaceUSA
  • Ethnicity White
  • ProfessionActress, Producer
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Brown

Molly Elizabeth Brolin stands as a notable presence within the tapestry of Hollywood’s legacy. Her parentage, linked to renowned actor James Brolin and ex-actress Jan Smithers, intertwines her story with the essence of celebrity and creative discovery.

Boasting a diverse professional journey encompassing production, art curation, and stage guidance, Molly Elizabeth Brolin adeptly maneuvers the intricacies of her heritage, fashioning an individual trajectory within the alluring realm of showbiz. Let’s see her inside story!

How Old is Molly Elizabeth Brolin Now? Her Age and Birth Details

Molly Elizabeth Brolin, a name resonating with Hollywood heritage, was welcomed into the world on November 28, 1987, in the sprawling city of Los Angeles, California. Born to the acclaimed actor James Brolin and the talented actress Jan Smithers, her life was destined to be intertwined with the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Molly Elizabeth Brolin with her dad, James Brolin
Molly Elizabeth Brolin with her dad, James Brolin


While Molly stands as an only child from her parents’ union, her life also encompasses the bond she shares with her half-brother, Jess Brolin. Likewise, the lady seems to be a university graduate though there is no detailed information on her education.

Take a look at Her Parents’ Relationship

The enchanting tale of Molly’s parents’ journey to each other begins on the set of the television series ‘Hotel‘ in 1985. It was here that the paths of James Brolin and Jan Smithers converged, leading them to embark on a journey of love and partnership. Their union blossomed into marriage in 1986, and a year later, they were blessed with the arrival of Molly Elizabeth Brolin.

In the wake of her birth, Jan Smithers chose to step away from the limelight, dedicating herself to nurturing their daughter. Yet, the demands of James Brolin’s career led to geographical separation, causing rifts that eventually culminated in their divorce in 1995.

Following the dissolution of his marriage with Jan Smithers, James Brolin found love anew in the arms of actress Barbra Streisand. Their story unfolded through mutual connections, and on July 1, 1998, they vowed eternal commitment to each other. Presently, the couple resides in the luxurious enclave of Malibu, California, epitomizing the opulence that their lives have come to embody.

Career in the Showbiz World

Molly Elizabeth Brolin’s journey in the entertainment industry commenced in 2011, with her debut appearance in the short film “Royal Reunion.” This marked the inception of a career that would witness her active involvement as an assistant producer and art director on various Hollywood productions.

Molly Elizabeth Brolin's dad, James Brolin is a veteran actor
Molly Elizabeth Brolin’s dad, James Brolin is a veteran actor


The allure of the silver screen drew her into the intricate world of film and television, where she contributed her creative insights to projects like “Men In Black” and “John Mulaney: New In Town.” Her adeptness in the realm of production and art direction allowed her to flourish in an industry her parents were well-acquainted with.

However, Molly’s aspirations extended beyond the confines of the screen. In a striking departure from her behind-the-scenes roles, she ventured into the realm of theater production. Her directorial prowess came to the fore with “Smile Swamp Princess,” a rock opera that was co-composed by actor Megan Lui. This mesmerizing creation, under the guidance of Molly’s niece Eden Brolin, graced the stage of New York’s ‘Wild Project theater in the vibrant district of the East Village. This foray into stage direction showcased her multifaceted talents and a commitment to exploring various avenues of artistic expression.

How Rich is Molly Elizabeth Brolin? Her Net Worth?

As the daughter of a prominent Hollywood figure, Molly Elizabeth Brolin’s early life was imbued with extravagance and privilege. Her upbringing bore witness to her father’s illustrious career, which was crowned with a net worth of $50 million as of 2023. James Brolin’s six-decade journey in acting, producing, and directing propelled him to receive a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1998. Notably, Molly’s stepmother, the legendary Barbra Streisand, boasts a staggering net worth of $400 million as of the same year.

As a Starkid, the lady has been cheering a high-profile life without a doubt. Besides that, she earns a huge sum from her showbiz projects. Though there is no exact data, the celebrity daughter is estimated to have above $2 Million now.

Molly Elizabeth Brolin's dad, James Brolin with his current wife, Barbara
Molly Elizabeth Brolin’s dad, James Brolin with his current wife, Barbara Streisand


While her personal net worth remains veiled in privacy, Molly’s trajectory echoes the legacy of her parents and stepmother. Beyond the glamour and splendor, she has carved a niche for herself within the entertainment landscape. Her journey, marked by creative diversity and an unwavering spirit, showcases a determination to navigate her unique path while upholding the illustrious name she inherits. The narrative of Molly Elizabeth Brolin is one of heritage, ambition, and the ceaseless pursuit of artistic fulfillment in a world that never ceases to captivate.

Current Life

Presently, Molly Elizabeth Brolin resides in the picturesque abode of Malibu, California. In this idyllic coastal retreat, she shares her days with her father and stepmother, both towering figures in the realm of entertainment. The bonds of the family remain strong, as she maintains a cordial relationship with her stepmother, Barbra Streisand, and collaborates creatively with her half-brother, Jess Brolin. Their familial unity serves as a testament to the enduring power of kinship amidst the ebbs and flows of fame.

Despite being a popular Starkid and a showbiz personality herself, Molly hasn’t disclosed much about her personal life. She may or may not be a married woman now as there is no evidence of her wedding.

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