Quick Facts of Ramone Malik Hill

Ramone Malik Hill on his graduation

In the world of celebrities, the spotlight often shines brightly on famous parents, casting a shadow over their children who choose a more private life. Ramone Malik Hill, the son of the well-known rapper Rocko, is one such enigmatic figure who has managed to stay away from the glare of the public eye. Where is he now and who is his mother? Let’s find out everything about this celebrity child in today’s article:

How old is Ramone Malik Hill in 2023?

Born on November 3, 1995, in the United States, Ramone is now 27 years old and has largely maintained a low profile, keeping his personal life and details hidden from public scrutiny.

Being born and brought up in the United States he holds an American nationality and comes from a mixed ethnic ethnicity of African-American roots.

Who is Ramone Malik Hill’s Mother?

One of the intriguing aspects of Ramone’s life is the absence of any information about his mother. It seems like, the Starkid was born from Rocko’s initial relationship. Further, his upbringing and family background remain largely undisclosed, adding to the mystery that surrounds him.

Ramone Malik Hill on his graduation
Ramone Malik Hill on his graduation


Ramone is a university graduate who studied at Clart Atlanta University, sadly, the specifics of his education, training, and career path remain elusive. His choice to maintain this level of privacy is a rare sight in a world where personal details are often on display.

Is Ramone Malik Hill a Millionaire? His Net Worth?

Ramone Malik Hill is yet to reavel his career and net worth. He enjoys a family connection to the entertainment industry, with his father, Rocko, having achieved success as a rapper.

Despite his father’s career and reported net worth of approximately $1 million, Ramone has chosen to lead a life that doesn’t revolve around fame or fortune.

Ramone Malik Hill's dad, Rocko is a millionaire rapper
Ramone Malik Hill’s dad, Rocko is a millionaire rapper


In addition, Ramone remains absent from the world of social media, a platform that many individuals use to share their lives with the public. So, it’s hard to say anything about his lifestyle.

Who is Ramone Malik Hill’s Wife or Girlfriend?

In terms of Ramone’s personal life, there is a distinct lack of information about any romantic relationships. Details about a wife or girlfriend remain undisclosed, further emphasizing Ramone’s preference for keeping his personal life tightly under wraps.

Ramone Malik Hill's dad, Rocko
Ramone Malik Hill’s dad, Rocko


In a world where personal lives are often dissected and scrutinized, Ramone Malik Hill’s ability to maintain his privacy is a testament to his authenticity and values. His decision to lead a life away from the spotlight serves as a reminder that one can choose the path of privacy even in the midst of a family’s public prominence.

As time unfolds, the mystery surrounding Ramone may persist, leaving us to wonder about the unique and quiet journey he continues to embark upon. See another Starkid, Quinn Johansson

What is his father’s current relationship status?

Ramone’s father, Rocko, the talented rapper and music artist, has had a somewhat private personal life and romantic affairs. He is known to have been in a relationship with Monica, a renowned R&B singer, with whom he shares two children, sons Romelo and Rodney.

Although his relationship with Monica was high-profile, the couple eventually went their separate ways, and Rocko has since maintained a relatively low-key stance on his personal affairs.

Ramone Malik Hill's dad, Rocko shares 2 kids with Monica
Ramone Malik Hill’s dad, Rocko shares 2 kids with Monica


As per the reports, the pair had on-and-off relationships till they gave birth to their 2 sons. Sadly, they separated in early 2010/

While there is limited public information available about his relationship history beyond his involvement with Monica, Rocko’s commitment to his family and children remains an important part of his life, even as he continues to make his mark in the world of music and entertainment.

Let’s Take a Look at Rocko’s Career

Rocko, the rapper from Atlanta, has had a successful career in hip-hop and rap. He became famous for his popular song “U.O.E.N.O.” in the year 2013, where he worked with famous artists such as Future and Rick Ross. This song not only showed that Rocko was a great rapper but also made him an important part of the rap world.

Throughout his career, the man worked with many famous people in the music industry and released several mixtapes and albums, including “Self Made” and “Rocko Dinero.”

Not only that, but his unique style and storytelling skills have made him a favorite among fans, and he’s still respected in the world of rap, where he keeps contributing to the music scene.

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