Quick Facts of Ryder Fieri

Ryder Fieri, born on December 31, 2005, in the United States, is currently 17 years old and is best recognized as the youngest child of the celebrity pair, Guy Fieri and Lori Fieri. His father, Guy Fieri, is a famous American restaurateur, author, and Emmy Award-winning TV presenter.

In today’s article, we’ll disclose various aspects of Ryder’s life, from his personal life to his family, career, social media presence, and even his approach to driving and car ownership.

Who is Ryder Fieri? Why is He Famous?

Ryder Fieri, a 17-year-old citizen of the United States, was born on the last day of 2005 under the birth sign of Capricorn. While his exact place of birth remains undisclosed, he was raised in the picturesque region of Northern California holding an American nationality and belonging to the White ethnicity.

Young Ryder Fieri with his dad
Young Ryder Fieri with his dad


However, little is known about his educational journey. Despite his young age, Ryder has caught the attention of many admirers, particularly young girls, who are drawn to his dashing personality.

Is Ryder Fieri Dating Anyone Now? Who is His Girlfriend?

Talking about his personal life, it appears that Ryder Fieri is involved with a young lady named Sophia (Instagram handle: @sophiasoltanizadeh). This budding romance seems to be a subject of interest among his followers on social media.

Family Life

In the realm of family, Ryder’s parents are the well-known Guy Fieri and Lori Fieri. Guy and Lori’s love story began when Lori walked into a restaurant managed by Guy in Long Beach, California. Their connection deepened, culminating in their marriage in 1995.

Interestingly, Guy’s decision to change his surname from “Ferry” to “Fieri” upon marriage pays homage to his paternal grandfather, Giuseppe Fieri, who had anglicized his surname from “Ferry” upon arriving in the United States.

Ryder Fieri enjoying lunch with his family
Ryder Fieri enjoying lunch with his family


The Fieri family expanded with the birth of their first child, Hunter Lori, on August 13, 1996. Hunter, Ryder’s older brother, is currently 27 years old (as of 2023). Likewise, Hunter pursued higher education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and also made appearances in episodes of his father’s television series, “Guys Big Bite.”

Ryder, the youngest member of the family, entered the world in December 2005, completing the Fieri trio. The family resides in Santa Rosa, California, where they’ve built a life together. Also read, Renate Blauel.

Net Worth Details

While Ryder himself has not yet ventured into wealth accumulation, his father, Guy Fieri, has amassed a substantial net worth. As of the latest estimates, Guy’s net worth stands at a remarkable $70 million. This impressive wealth isn’t solely from culinary endeavors but also from extending his brand to numerous restaurants and earning approximately $100,000 for each of his media appearances.

Likewise, Ryder’s mother, Lori is a TV personality having a net worth of around $12 Million now. She also earns a huge sum from her ventures and showbiz involvement.

Career and Professional Life

Ryder Fieri’s recognition primarily stems from his status as a famous American celebrity kid. His father, Guy Fieri, boasts a stellar career as a prominent American restaurateur, author, and Emmy Award-winning TV presenter. Guy co-owns three successful restaurants in California, licenses his name to establishments in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada, and is widely recognized for hosting various television series on the Food Network.

By 2010, Guy Fieri had become a prominent figure on the Food Network, introducing an element of rowdy, mass-market culture to American food television. Notably, his prime-time shows attracted a predominantly male viewership, outperforming other programs on the network.

Ryder Fieri with his family
Ryder Fieri with his family


As a young child, Ryder even made appearances on his father’s shows, including “Guy’s Family Cruise” and “Guy’s Big Bite.” His father’s fame soared further as he embarked on a journey driving his signature red Camaro across America for his show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” This program takes viewers on a captivating tour of America’s less-celebrated restaurants, showcasing the rich diversity of the nation’s culinary scene.

Social Media Presence

Ryder maintains an active presence on Instagram, where his username, @ryderf05, boasts over 7.9k followers. Additionally, he can be found on Snapchat under the handle @ryderf30.

While he maintains a personal presence on these platforms, Ryder is also frequently featured on his father’s and brother’s Instagram accounts, namely @guyfieri and @hunterfieri, respectively. However, he does not seem to have personal accounts on other social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok.

Body Measurements

As a teenager, Ryder stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 5 inches and maintains a weight of around 50 kg. His striking features include brown eyes and golden blonde hair.

While specific details about his body measurements, such as dress size, shoe size, biceps, and chest-waist-hip measurements, remain undisclosed, it’s worth noting that he is still in the process of physical growth and development.

Approach to Car Ownership

A noteworthy aspect of Ryder’s upbringing is his father’s approach to teaching him responsibility and self-sufficiency when it comes to car ownership. In a recent cover story featured in PEOPLE magazine, Guy Fieri shared the parameters that Ryder must adhere to before acquiring a car.

Guy revealed that Ryder’s first vehicle upon obtaining his driver’s license was a used 259,000-mile Chrysler minivan that once belonged to Guy’s parents. However, Guy emphasized that he would not purchase a car for Ryder, nor would he allow Ryder to buy one until he spent a year driving the minivan without incurring any tickets, accidents, or incidents. Far from being a punitive measure, Guy views this as a rite of passage—a way for Ryder to demonstrate his responsibility and capability. Once Ryder successfully navigates this year of responsible driving, he will be allowed to use his own money to purchase a car.

This approach aligns with Guy’s parenting philosophy, which emphasizes self-sufficiency and instilling values such as discipline and hard work. Both Guy and Ryder’s older brother, Hunter, followed similar ground rules when they were learning to drive. Hunter even reminisced about driving his grandfather’s 1996 truck, complete with non-functioning windows, during his early driving days. Guy Fieri’s guidance in teaching practical life skills and imparting valuable life lessons resonates with his children, preparing them for the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood.

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