Samantha Schacher is a versatile media personality, known for her roles as co-host of the HLN show “Dr. Drew On Call” and as host and producer of the pop culture show “Pop Trigger.”

Beyond her hosting duties, she is a passionate advocate for using social media to evaluate mental health and identify potential concerns. Additionally, Samantha actively campaigns for LGBT and animal rights causes.

Early Life

Samantha Schacher entered the world on August 6, 1983, in Detroit, Michigan, USA, under the zodiac sign of Leo. While her hometown provided a backdrop of cultural richness and diversity, details about her family and childhood remain scarce.

Married to Mark Biren, the specifics of her family life, including children, remain undisclosed. Despite the enigma shrouding Samantha’s early life, her path from Detroit to television stardom illuminates her steadfast determination and diligent work ethic.

Her ascent to success serves as a testament to her resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges.

How did Samatha and Her Husband Met?

Samantha Schacher’s journey to love began in the workplace, where she crossed paths with her future husband, Mark Biren.

Samantha and her family during holiday
Samantha and her family during holiday (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Dr. Drew, Samantha revealed that their connection blossomed while working together. Eventually blossoming into a devoted relationship lasting nine years before they exchanged vows.

Their enduring bond has led to a joyous marriage, filled with happiness and shared experiences. 

Samantha and Mark’s Married Life

Samantha, happily married to Mark Biren, has a heartwarming love story that began in an unexpected place – a cozy bar in Hollywood, where she worked as a waitress. Their romance sparked shortly after their first meeting in 2004, blossoming into a beautiful relationship over the next six years. In a memorable celebration, they exchanged vows on Halloween, November 1, 2010, surrounded by their loved ones.

Samantha and her husband
Samantha and her Husband (Source: Instagram)

Their wedding day, a celebration brimming with laughter and love, became a cherished memory immortalized in a snapshot shared by Samantha on their ninth anniversary in 2019. This heartfelt photo, uploaded to her Instagram account, encapsulated the couple in their wedding attire, locked in a tender embrace. It served as a poignant symbol of the enduring love that has guided them through their shared journey.

Today, Samantha and Mark embrace married life, navigating parenthood together with enduring love. Their story reflects the beauty of unexpected love and the power of commitment to bring lifelong happiness.

Samantha Schacher and Mark Biren: Parenting with Privacy and Love

Becoming parents for the first time brought immense joy to Samantha Schacher and Mark Biren on June 9, 2017, as they welcomed their daughter, Sophie Biren, into the world. Named after her parents, Sophie is now two years old and fills their lives with love and laughter.

Samantha and her kid playing during winter (Source: Instagram)

Samantha frequently shares glimpses of their precious moments on her Instagram, showcasing their strong bond in adorable snapshots, like a recent mother-daughter cuddle session.

Additionally, their family blossomed further when Samantha shared a heartfelt selfie on Instagram on September 17, 2019, announcing her second pregnancy.

On March 11, 2020, they welcomed their first son, Miles Biren, into the world. Weighing a healthy 9.4 pounds, Miles completes their loving family. Samantha proudly introduced Miles to the world on March 12, 2020, sharing an adorable photo of her newborn son on her Instagram.


Samantha Schacher is a well-known figure in entertainment. She graduated from UCLA and used to be a competitive swimmer. She’s done lots of different jobs like hosting and producing for CNN, Dr. Drew, and other shows.

Right now, she’s the host of Daily Blast Live, a popular talk show. Furthermore, Samantha wears the hats of an entrepreneur, writer, and producer. She’s been married to Markus Biren for over nine years and they have two kids. Her career and family show how talented and versatile she is.

Net Worth

As of January 2024, Samantha Schacher’s net worth is reportedly around $1.6 million, sourced from her extensive hosting career and entrepreneurial ventures. Collaboratively, Samantha and her husband established Biren & CO, a candle company born from their own wedding journey and shared vision.

Their products are available in numerous retail outlets and online stores. Samantha has showcased her hosting talents on various prominent networks such as CNN, MTV, GSN, and HLN, solidifying her presence in the media industry.

Body Measurement

Samantha Schacher stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs approximately 125 pounds. Her striking green eyes and long, blonde hair define her appearance. These measurements are gleaned from various sources, including her resume and public profiles, providing insight into her physical attributes.