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iphone 8
iphone 8

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Before launch the new iPhone in the market we have been always getting more rumor and stories than other smartphones about its features, looks and all. Meanwhile, regarding the next version of Apple’s iPhone, various types of news come out about the phone. According to the news, this upcoming mobile will make by a pure glass. In addition, the phone screen will be made from AMO  with various types of new and important features.

According to the famous Analyst of apple product Ming-Chi,  the mobile’s looks will be totally different than the previous mobile the whole body of iPhone will make by a glass and it will come on the market on 2017. It’s the whole body made from glass and its screen made from Amoled. and it will be a little bit heavier than the previous mobile. now you are thinking due to the whole body made of glass, it will be weakened, but you are wrong, remember, they are already used glass on previous mobile iPhone4 and 4s.

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All glass body’s features phone can’t only give new looks in the market, the market competition also keeps a step ahead. Because Samsung’s previous phone Galaxy S and S7 Edge already used glass on the cover and already set their new standard on market.

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According to the discussion, you will get wireless charging system on it. By the help of Inductive pad, you can charge your iPhone.Now some of high-quality metal body’s smartphone company are using the same kind of technology.

Before Apple’s strategy was, whence user buy new iPhone mobile at least they can use for three years. But now their strategy has changed and they are focusing on being upgraded design every year. Quickly upgraded design means the user will receive on iPhone every year fresh looking.

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