Quick Facts of Thomas Zizzo

Thomas Zizzo, a name not widely popular in the world of Hollywood, found himself in the spotlight for a brief period due to his marriage with the renowned singer, Erika Jayne.

Though many details of his life remain shrouded in mystery, Thomas’s brief moment in the limelight and the heart-wrenching family tragedy he experienced are worth exploring. Let’s learn more about him below:

What is Thomas Zizzo’s Age?

Born in America, Thomas Zizzo’s exact age is a subject of speculation, but he is believed to be in his fifties or sixties now. Information regarding his parents, siblings, and educational background is sparse, as he has maintained a low profile throughout his life.

Further, Zizzo’s enigmatic persona is one of the reasons that his story piques curiosity. He is an American nationality holder who happens to belong to the white ethnic roots.

What Went Wrong With the Married Life of Zizzo and Erika?

Zizzo’s claim to fame primarily revolves around his marriage to Erika Jayne. The couple tied the knot in December 1991 at the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The marriage soon brought them a bundle of joy in the form of their son, Thomas Zizzo Jr. However, despite the initial happiness, their union eventually came to an end, leading to divorce in 1996.

Thomas Zizzo is popular because of his ex-wife, Erika Jayne
Thomas Zizzo is popular because of his ex-wife, Erika Jayne

SOURCE: Instagram

Following their divorce, Erika Jayne embarked on a new chapter in her life, moving to Los Angeles with aspirations of becoming a singer. Her journey led to fame and recognition in the music industry, and she became a beloved figure on the reality TV show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

What Does Thomas Zizzo Do Now? His Net Worth

While Erika Jayne’s career blossomed, her ex-husband Thomas Zizzo maintained a much more private existence. He is rumored to have continued his career as a nightclub DJ in Manhattan, but details about his professional life are scarce.

Financially, it’s believed that Thomas Zizzo has managed to amass a decent fortune, possibly exceeding $300,000. However, considering his secretive nature, it’s challenging to obtain concrete financial information about him.

He is not active on social media, unlike his ex-wife, who frequently engages with her fans on various platforms. Likewise, Erika seems to have a net worth of around $5 Million now. See another celebrity ex-husband, Todd Russaw

Thomas Zizzo Tragedy and Car Accident

The most tragic and heart-wrenching chapter in Thomas Zizzo’s life happened in September 2021 when his son, Thomas Zizzo Jr., who had become a police officer in Los Angeles, lost his life in a car accident while returning home. The loss of their son was a devastating blow to both Zizzo and Erika Jayne.

Further, Thomas Zizzo Jr., known as Tommy Zizzo, was serving in the Los Angeles Police Department at the time of the accident. His untimely death sent shockwaves through the family and the community. The circumstances surrounding the accident are a grim reminder of the unpredictable and fragile nature of life.

Thomas Zizzo 's son is no more
Thomas Zizzo ‘s son is no more

SOURCE: Instagram

The tragic loss of their son, Thomas Zizzo Jr., brought the spotlight back on Thomas Zizzo, albeit briefly. It was a somber reminder of the shared history between Zizzo and Erika Jayne, and the profound grief they both experienced. Just like Tommy, Marilou Covey also died in an accident.

What is Thomas Zizzo’s Current Relationship Status?

Thomas Zizzo seems single now. His life remains largely hidden from the public eye, the moments when he was thrust into the spotlight, such as his marriage to Erika Jayne and the subsequent family tragedy, serve as poignant reminders of the complex and unpredictable nature of life. In the face of personal loss, fame and fortune often pale in comparison to the enduring impact of family bonds and the irreplaceable value of a loved one’s presence.

Thomas Zizzo may not be a household name, but his life is a testament to the enigmatic nature of personal histories that are not always captured by the flashbulbs of fame or the scrutiny of the public eye. His enduring legacy lies not in the glamour of Hollywood, but in the love he shared with his family and the memory of the son they lost, Thomas Zizzo Jr., a dedicated police officer who served his community.

Erika Jayne Married With Thomas Girardi as Her Second Husband

In January 2000, Erika Jayne did her second marriage, tying the knot with Thomas Girardi, a prominent attorney in Downtown Los Angeles. Their union, which began in 2000, came after a meeting in 1998 as per the reports.

Thomas Zizzo 's ex-wife, Erika during her live performance
Thomas Zizzo ‘s ex-wife, Erika during her live performance


However, their marriage took a tumultuous turn in November 2020 when Erika Jayne announced her separation from Girardi, followed by the filing of divorce papers. The sudden and public nature of their separation was only the beginning of a series of legal issues that would ensnare the couple.

Legal Issues

One month after the divorce announcement, Erika and Thomas Girardi found themselves in a lawsuit that alleged their involvement in embezzling funds intended for the families of victims of the tragic 2018 Lion Air plane crash. Media outlets even speculated that their divorce might be a mere facade designed to conceal assets, casting a shadow of suspicion over their financial dealings.

The legal quagmire deepened as a Chicago-based law firm sought a federal judge’s intervention in December 2020. They demanded that Erika Jayne halt the sale of designer clothing online, part of an effort to recover a substantial sum of $2 million, which had gone missing and was owed to various individuals.

Allegations against Thomas Girardi took a darker turn when a Los Angeles Times article in 2020 accused him of embezzling millions from vulnerable clients and misdirecting over $20 million meant for victims’ compensation to EJ Global, a company established to support Erika Jayne’s entertainment and singing career. Their legal woes became the subject of a documentary titled “The Housewife and the Hustler,” which shed light on their highly publicized troubles and was released on Hulu in June 2021.

In a notable turn of events, Erika Jayne managed to secure a legal victory in August 2022. In a $5 million fraud lawsuit, the judge ruled in her favor, determining that the plaintiffs could not provide evidence of her knowledge or involvement in the alleged fraudulent activities.

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