Fate cannot be changed as the cute child actor Taran Noah Smith in the 90s chose to be an actor. Even though he earned a good sum of money to add to his net worth, Noah Smith did not want to be an actor. The famous show in the 90s “Home Improvement” chose the actor to be part of its sitcom.

He embarked some controversies in his personal life especially his marriage and drug use. Not just that, he even accused his parents of stealing money from his wealth. Want to know more about his earnings? Then read along.

Taran Noah Smith’s Net Worth and Income Details

He earned a staggering net worth for a child actor in the 90s. The precise wealth of an actor is not disclosed as of now. But for the show, Smith earned a whopping salary of $5,000 per week on average. Not just that, he even had the trust fund where his payments were safe. In his trust fund, he accumulated the sum of $1.5 million.

Taran Noah Smith as a child actor then (left) and now (right)

When the show started he was only seven years old so’ his major source of income came from his TV Show. His net worth of $300,000 as quoted by some online tabloids is giving him a comfortable life as of now.

Taran Noah Smith’s Career Details and Home Improvement

The 35-year-old actor started his career in 1991 with a hit comedy sitcom called Home Improvement. As he says, he didn’t choose the show, the show chose him as he was too young to understand what was going on. The show earned accolades with a rating of 7.2/10 on IMDB.

Furthermore, he featured alongside the actors like Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Pamela Anderson, Michelle Williams to name a few. In addition to that, Smith appeared in Ebbie in 1995, 7th Heaven in 1997, and Batman Beyond in 1999. The year 1999 was his last as he ended his career.

Noah Smith went under the radar to never work again in the showbiz industry. As of now, he volunteers in philanthropic works. In 2014, Smith joined hands for the relief of the disaster victims in Phillippines and also works as the Technical Manager for the community Submersibles Project. Through the project, he teaches people to pilot submarines.

Taran Noah Smith’s House, Cars, Lifestyle and Assets

The 35-years-old actor lives in California, USA but often travel for work and charity. There is no information as to if he is living in his own house or a rented apartment. The average price of a house in California as of now is at $440,000 and rent cost is at $2,000 to $3,000 per month.

He likes to live a private life which also suggests the Private mode in his social media account. With his net worth and the trust money, he must be living a comfortable life. As of now, there are no listed properties bought or sold by Smith.

Candy Bennici (right) Taran Noah Smith mother and him on a Yacht

In addition to that, he and his ex-wife own a restaurant and a manufacturing company for non-dairy cheese. The company specializes in vegan and organic foods which makes sense as Smith is vegan himself.

Taran Noah Smith’s Death Rumor and other Controversies

Because of his absence from TV and media, many people assumed that he died. No, the man is alive and lending his help to everyone he can. The man with a golden heart gets the blessing from everyone as he continues to help them.

Rumors and Controversies have surrounded his life pretty much. When he was 18 years old he accused his parents of stealing money from his trust. But later he realized it that they were just trying to protect him. After the court orders, he said,

“I’d gotten out of the teenage phase and realized my parents weren’t doing anything wrong but were trying to protect me”.

Taran Noah Smith (left) with his ex-wife Heidi Van Pelt (right)

Besides that, his marriage also sparked controversies in 2001. He married actress Heidi Van Pelt in 2001 but the nuptials became the talk of the town because of their age gap. Van Pelt was 32-years-old at the time and on the other hand, Smith was just 16 years old.

In 2012, as reported by, the Cops arrested Smith for driving under the influence. He also possessed a hash, which is a special type of marijuana.

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