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Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan

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 Facts of Xavier Dolan

Full NameXavier Dolan-Tadros
Date of birth20- March- 1989
Marital StatusUnmarried
BirthplaceMontreal, Quebec, Canada
ProfessionFilm Director, Actor, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, Fim Editor, Costume Designer
Recognized as Famous actor
Net worth$4.0 million
 Hight  5′ 6½” (169
 Hair color  Dark brown
 Ethnicity White
Must-readTop 20 richest actors of 2017
 tattoosYes/ 20 Craziest celeb tattoos
Official websitesxavierdolan.com
websitesTwitter, Facebook 
Net Worth$75 Million

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The famous Young 27 years old Xavier Dolan-Tadros is a French and Canadian Film Director, Actor, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Fim Editor, and Costume Designer.

Friday night in Paris, It's Only the End of the World took home Best Actor (Gaspard Ulliel), Best Editing and Best Director at the César Awards. It was a moment of sheer joy of course. That type of acknowledgement, these victories, these moments of exhilaration would be impossible without you all, and without the love and enthusiasm you have so generously shown to this film. It makes me think of Marcel Duchamp’s Creative Act. Two factors truly impact the fate of an artist, according to him. The first one is the artist himself, and the second one – to Duchamp’s own admission the most decisive denominator of the two – is the spectator "who later becomes the posterity". The audience alone acts as the instrument from which originates or not posterity, celebrating artists on one hand, and on the other, forgetting other meritorious ones. "Millions of artists create; only a few thousands are discussed or accepted by the spectator and many less again are consecrated by posterity", writes Duchamp. Considering all this, I want to thank you for your loyalty. On this film, but also from the very beginning of it all. What a comforting thought to know that cinema fosters connectedness that ripens into friendship over time. We lived, Friday night, a moment of validation that inspired us and propelled us forward, and towards other stories to tell with even more conviction and passion. That of It’s Only the End of the World saw one of its chapter come to a close on that night, but the adventure isn’t over. The film will live as long as you want it to! Photo : Rindoff/Charriau

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Xavier Dolan’s Early Life

Xavier Dolan-Tadros was born on 20th March 1989 in Montreal, TadorsQuebec, Canada. He is the son of Genevieve Dolan and M. Tadros. His mother is working as a teacher in Quebec.His father born in 1956 in Cairo Egypt.

Had to shave the hate off! Just wanna say thanks to the fans who have been there through this Cannes adventure. It was as fulfilling as grueling. Your support, your words helped me to walk through that passionate storm. I'm back home now, and I'm ready for Donovan!! I just thought I'd share a text that my former English teacher sent me. I don't pretend I knew it before, but I do think it's very fitting. "At times in our pink innocence, we lie fallow, composting, waiting to grow. And other times we rush headlong like so many of our ancestors. But rush headlong or lie fallow, it doesn’t matter. One day you’ll round a corner, your path is shifted. In a blink, something is missing. It’s stolen, misplaced, it’s gone. Your heart, a memory, a limb, a promise, a person. An innocence is gone, and now your journey has changed. Your path, as though channeled through a spectrum, is refracted, and has left you pointed in a new direction. Some won’t approve. Some will want the other you. And some will cry that you’ve left it all. But what has happened has happened, and cannot be undone. We pay for our laughter. We pay to weep. Knowledge is not cheap. To survive we must return to our senses, touch, taste, smell, sight, sound. We must let our spirit guide us, our spirit that lives in breath. With each breath we inhale, we exhale. We inspire, we expire. Every breath has a possibility of a laugh, a cry, a story, a song. Every conversation is an exchange of spirit, the words flowing bitter or sweet over the tongue. Every scar is a monument to a battle survived. Now when you’re born into loss, you grow from it. But when you experience loss later in life, you grow toward it. A slow move to an embrace, an embrace that leaves you holding tight the beauty wrapped in the grotesque, an embrace that becomes a dance, a new dance, a dance of pink.” Kevin Kling – "Tickled Pink"

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He is a Canadian singer, actor, and songwriter Xavier Dolan-Tadros was a successful child as a multi-talent Actor.

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Xavier Dolan’s Career

Xavier Dolan-Tadros has started his career when he was a too child in 1994. Misericorde(Misery) was the first movie for his Career in 1994. He played many television commercials, series and movie J’en Suis! in 1997 La Forteresse Suspendue in 2001 and horror movie Martyrs in 2008. He determined to choose his career in Acting, the reason why he left his school. He got opportunity dubbing work on French dialogue.

At the age of 17, he wrote the Script for his movie I Killed My Mother in 2009 which has become most popular among the people in the worldwide. Although he played a various movie, Directed and as a voice actor in his career, from them, he was able to Awarded and Nominated from Cannes Film Festivals, 6 awarded and 5  nominated in a different category from I Killed My Mother, Heart  Beats, Laurance Anyways and Mommy.

@leaseydoux_genuine and me for @madamefigarofr by @shaynelaverdiere hair @markhamptonhair @louisvuitton ?

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From the international Awards, he got he get 20 awards from different category since 2009 to 2016  which was nominated 21 categories in the same period of time. Mummy and I Killed My Friend was appreciated from all over the world. and able to win many Award from this movie. Who is Xavier Dolan dating in 2017?  Xavier wants to keep a secret relationship with his girlfriend.

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Xavier Dolan’s Net Worth

Xavier Dolan is a top 10 highest-paid actors for 2017 with an estimated $75 million in combined earnings.