Quick Facts of Yemaya Briggs-Guzman

  • Full NameYemaya Briggs-Guzman
  • Date of Birth24 June, 1994
  • NicknameYemaya
  • Marital Status Single
  • BirthplaceNew York
  • Religion Roman Catholic
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Black
  • Height5 feet 5 inches (1.66 m)
  • Weight75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Online PresenceInstagram, Twitter
  • Horoscope Virgo

Yemaya Briggs-Guzman is the daughter of Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzman and his wife Angelita Galarza-Guzman. She was adopted by the couple, who have been married since 1985 and have nine children in total. Yemaya has three biological siblings and five adopted siblings, who come from different ethnic backgrounds.

Furthermore, Yemaya and her family live on a farm in Vermont, where they enjoy a simple and peaceful lifestyle. She is proud of her father’s achievements in Hollywood, where he has starred in movies like Boogie Nights, Traffic, and The Taking of Pelham. She is also interested in music and art and has performed with her father at some events. Here are some pieces of information regarding Yemaya and her family.

What is Yemaya Briggs Guzman’s Age in 2023? Her Wiki-Bio and Family

Yemaya Briggs Guzman was born on January 24, 1994, in New York and adopted by Luis Guzmán and his wife Angelita Galarza-Guzman along with her siblings. As we mentioned before, her father is a popular Hollywood actor and her mother is a former social worker. As of now, her age is 29, and has American and Puerto Rican nationality.

Yemaya Briggs Guzman with her father, Luis Guzman and brother
Yemaya Briggs Guzman with her father, Luis Guzman, and brother


Her childhood was shared with her brothers and sisters: Margarita Briggs-Guzman, Luna Briggs-Guzman, Cemi Briggs-Guzman, Clare Briggs-Guzman, Yoruba Briggs-Guzman, and Jace O’Flynn Guzman. Sadly, one of them passed away at birth due to suffocation.

Regarding her education, the celebrity daughter studied Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in California. She graduated in 2016 with an Associate of Arts degree. She also attended the New York Film Academy and completed a course in Acting for Film in 2017.

Does Yemaya Briggs Guzman have a Boyfriend? Find Out Her Relationship Status

Yemaya Briggs Guzman is very private about her personal life and does not reveal anything when asked about her dating situation. Is she seeing anyone romantically? She became famous at a young age and prefers to keep her status under the radar. despite her fame and popularity, the gorgeous lady hasn’t been caught in media cameras with anyone who appears to be her partner.

Furthermore, Yemaya’s priority is her professional life and she does not want to date anyone until she reaches the same level of success as her parents. However, it cannot be confirmed whether the charismatic person is single. It is possible that she is keeping her relationship status private, or she may be prioritizing her career over personal matters. Further, check out the relationship status of American actress Elizabeth Leiner. 

Who is Her Father, Luis Guzmán?

Luis Guzmán is a Puerto Rican actor who has appeared in many films and television series over the past 40 years. He is known for his versatile and memorable roles in genres ranging from drama to comedy. Some of his notable works include Boogie Nights, Traffic, Oz, Narcos, and Wednesday.

Yemaya Briggs Guzman's father, Luis Guzman is a popualr actor
Yemaya Briggs Guzman’s father, Luis Guzman is a popualr actor


Furthermore, the actor was born in Cayey, Puerto Rico on August 28, 1956, and raised in New York City’s Greenwich Village and the Lower East Side. He started his acting career as a hobby and became involved in street theater and independent films. He currently resides in Vermont with his wife and kids and continues to work on various projects.

What is Luis Guzmán’s Role on Wednesday?

Luis Guzmán plays Gomez Addams, the patriarch of the eccentric and spooky Addams family. He is the loving husband of Morticia and the proud father of Wednesday, who is the main character of the series. He appears as a guest star on the show, which is directed by the visionary Tim Burton.

The series focuses on Wednesday’s years as a student at Nevermore Academy, a mysterious and prestigious school for the peculiar and gifted. The series is a comedic coming-of-age tale that follows Wednesday’s adventures as she tries to master her psychic abilities, solve a supernatural mystery that involves her parents, and stop a monstrous killing spree that terrorizes the local town.

Her Mother, Angelita Galarza-Guzman is a Former Social Worker

Angelita Galarza-Guzman is a social worker who is married to Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzmán. She has been with him since 1985 and they have five children together, four of whom are adopted. She lives with her family in Vermont.

Furthermore, She is supportive of her husband’s career and often accompanies him to red-carpet events and premieres. She also shares his passion for music and culture. She is a private person who prefers to stay away from the spotlight and focus on her family and work.

How Much is Yemaya Briggs Guzman’s Net Worth? Is She a Millionaire?

Yemaya Briggs-Guzman’s net worth is not known, as she has not disclosed her income or assets. She is mostly known as a celebrity daughter just like Anna Kate Denver. However, she is likely to have a comfortable lifestyle as the daughter of a successful actor. Also, she might earn a decent amount from her career as a fashion star.

Yemaya Briggs Guzman is a social media star
Yemaya Briggs Guzman is a social media star


On the other hand, her father Luis Guzmán, a talented Puerto Rican-born actor, writer, and producer, has achieved significant success in the entertainment industry. With his exceptional skills and versatility, he has garnered a net worth calculated at $13 million. Throughout his career, the mab has captivated audiences with his compelling performances across various mediums, including film, television, and theater.

Is Yemaya Briggs Guzman Active on Social Media? Her Instagram Presence

Yemaya Briggs-Guzman is active on Instagram with the username @yemayabriggsguzman, where she has over 2,000 followers. She posts photos and videos of her travels, fashion, art, and family. Her username is @yemayabriggsguzman. She also has a Twitter account (@yemayabg) with over 300 followers, but she rarely tweets. However, she does not have a Facebook page or a YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Starkid has a LinkedIn account where she shares her experience as a customer and a fashion stylist. She also has a Behance account where she displays some of her work in visual communication design and fashion styling. Not only this, the lady has been involved in projects such as Sworn To Secrecy Nightclub Concept, Skin + Bones Museum Store Concept, MTV’s Teen Wolf, and HighStreet Magazine.

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