Quick Facts of Zharick León

  • Full NameZharick León
  • Net Worth2 Million
  • Date of Birth20 November, 1974
  • BirthplaceColombia
  • ProfessionActress, Model
  • Nationality Colombian
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Brown

Zharick León is a popular Colombian actress who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

How rich is the actress as of 2023? Who is her husband now? Here is a comprehensive overview of her life, career, relationships, and more.

So scroll down and read her life story.

Zharick León Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life, and Education

Zharick León, born on November 20, 1974, in Medellin, Colombia, remains quite discreet about her early life and educational background, as she prefers to keep those aspects of her life private.

Nevertheless, it is apparent that her love for acting and performing was ignited from a young age, paving the way for her remarkable journey in the entertainment industry.

What Is Her Current Relationship Status? Her Husband and Children

Zharick León, a celebrated Colombian actress, and model, has garnered fame for her remarkable performances in various movies and TV shows.

Throughout her personal life, she has experienced two marriages and one significant relationship.

Zharick León with her daughter
Zharick León with her daughter


León’s first marriage was to Martín Karpan in 2007. However, their union lasted two years before culminating in divorce in 2009.

Together, they have a son named Luciano Karpan León, born in July 2008.

Following her divorce from Karpan, León married Nicolás Reyes in 2010. Unfortunately, their marriage encountered challenges, leading to their separation in 2011.

The 49 years old actress, also embarked on a significant relationship with José Rodrigo Bonilla, with whom she shares a daughter named Levana Bonilla León. The 2014-born celebrity daughter, Levana is now 10 years old.

As of the latest available information, Zharick León’s current relationship status appears to be possibly single, maintaining privacy regarding her personal life.

Let’s Talk About Her Career Beginnings and Breakthroughs

Zharick León’s acting career commenced in the late 1990s, marked by her appearances in numerous Colombian television series and telenovelas.

A pivotal moment arrived with her breakthrough role in the telenovela “La Madre,” where her exceptional acting prowess captivated both critics and viewers alike.

Through her performances, she exhibited remarkable versatility and depth, garnering well-deserved acclaim within the Colombian television industry.

When Did Zharick León Rise to Prominence and Recognition?

Zharick León experienced a meteoric rise in 2004 when she secured a leading role in the telenovela “Pasión de Gavilanes.”

Her portrayal of the enigmatic and captivating character, Rosario Montes, mesmerized viewers, earning her immense recognition and adoration throughout Latin America.

Zharick León's family
Zharick León’s family


The telenovela’s resounding success and global popularity catapulted Zharick León into the spotlight, firmly establishing her as one of Colombia’s most distinguished and celebrated actresses.

Continued Success in Television and Film

After the triumph of “Pasión de Gavilanes,” Zharick León’s star continued to rise as she excelled in a wide array of television productions, effortlessly showcasing her talent in diverse roles.

From gripping dramas to comedic delights and thrilling narratives, she displayed her versatility and skill, garnering critical acclaim and numerous accolades for her exceptional performances.

Embracing new challenges, she ventured into the world of film, gracing several Colombian movies and leaving an indelible mark as a versatile actress in both television and cinema.

What Are Zharick León’s Net Worth and Earnings?

Zharick León’s net worth is subject to various estimates, and specific figures are not available. Her success in television and film, along with brand endorsements and other ventures, likely contributed to her financial standing. Nevertheless, net worth figures can vary depending on the sources and methods used for estimation.

As of now, the actress is estimated to have around $2 Million. She earned major of her fortune from her career as a model and actress. Also, she may have received child support money from her ex-partners. See another model, Carolina Samani.

Zharick León’s Social Media Presence

Zharick León remains actively engaged on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram, where she offers glimpses of her professional endeavors, travels, and personal moments.

Zharick León is a popular actress
Zharick León is a popular actress


Her official social media accounts serve as a means for fans to connect with her and stay informed about her latest ventures and updates.

What About Her Current Projects and Recent Work?

Zharick León has continued to be active in the entertainment industry, taking on various acting projects in television and film.

She remains a sought-after talent in the Colombian entertainment landscape, and her fans eagerly anticipate her new roles and appearances.

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Movies and TV Shows

The talented actress, Zharick has been a part of many movies and TV shows throughout the years.

We can see her more in TV projects. Here is a list of her showbiz projects:


  1. Tiempo Final (2008) – Anthology film
  2. Confesiones (2007) – Drama, Thriller
  3. Sobrenatural (2005) – Horror, Thriller
  4. Paraiso Travel (2008) – Drama
  5. Amar y Temer (2011) – Drama, Romance
  6. El Paseo (2010) – Comedy
  7. El Paseo 2 (2012) – Comedy
  8. El Paseo 3 (2013) – Comedy
  9. El Paseo 4 (2016) – Comedy
  10. Verdad o Reto (2018) – Horror, Thriller

TV Shows:

  1. Dora, la Celadora (1999) – Telenovela
  2. Tres Caínes (2013) – TV Series
  3. Amo de Casa (2013) – Telenovela
  4. Doña Bella (2010) – Telenovela
  5. Pasión de Gavilanes (2003-2004) – Telenovela
  6. Francisco el matemático (1999-2004) – TV Series
  7. Código Postal (2006) – Telenovela
  8. Hasta que la plata nos separe (2006-2010) – Telenovela
  9. La Bella Ceci y el imprudente (2009) – Telenovela
  10. Los Victorinos (2009-2010) – Telenovela

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