Quick Facts of Alexandria Williams

Who is Alexandria Williams, what is her Job, is she on linked in?

Alexandria Williams, a Creative Lead at Tik Tok. Who isn’t familiar with Tik Tok? If you’ve never heard of TikTok, you’re probably already out of the loop. In the world of mobile video, TikTok is the premier destination for short-form content. Its goal is to encourage creativity and offer delight to the viewer. 

Sensor Tower reports that TikTok has become the first non-Facebook app to surpass three billion downloads worldwide on iOS and Android.

Who is Alexandria Williams

Alexandria Williams is a cultural creative, a feminist, a writer, a feminist theorist, and a critic. In addition, she writes about things, people, places, and popular culture.

Williams marathon runner
Alexandria Williams marathon runner. Image Credit: @alexandriawill

Furthermore, She has a passion for creating. Her work prioritizes intersectionality and human-led stories. Some might call this radical thinking, but she calls it “innovation.”

Alexandria William’s Career

Currently, William is a Lead Creative Strategist at Tik Tok in the United States. Creative Strategists are culture and innovation consultants for brands. They help clients become part of the TikTok community, generate hype, and build fandom. With over ten years of experience, her work prioritizes intersectionality and human-led stories.

Alexandria visitng a stadium
Alexandria Williams visiting a stadium. Image Credit: Instagram

Williams started her career in 2012 working as an Integrated Marketing Intern. Moving on with her work, she joined “360i” a fully integrated creative and media agency, in September 2015. Later on,  She worked there as a Social Media Marketing Intern till May 2016.

Subsequently, She worked as a social media and publishing strategy for North America entertainment under @CitiPrivatePass for one year. Moreover, from March to November in 2017, She worked at R/Ga as a Social Media Manager.

Furthermore, Williams joined Laundry Service, a full-service agency handling strategy, creative, content production, media buying, and influencer management, as a Creative Strategist for seven months and Creative Lead for six months. Later she Leads creative strategy for Complex Networks brand partners from Sep 2018 till Jun 2019.

William’s Education

Alexandria finished high school in 2008 and graduated from Garden city, New York-based Nassau Community College, with a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2010. After that, she joined Saint John’s University, one of America’s leading Catholic universities, and graduated in 2013, studying BS, Public relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication.

Alexandriaweight loss
Alexandria Williams weight loss. Image Credit: Instagram

After her University, Alexandria attended one of the world’s leading art and design schools, The New School’s Parsons School of Design at New York, studying MFA, Mass Communication/Media Studies in 2014 and graduated in 2016.

Furthermore, From 2018 to 2020, William joined Yale University based in New Haven, Connecticut, studying Psychology and Philosophy.

Alexandria Williams Net Worth

Alexandria isn’t active on any social sites except LinkedIn. Moreover, her Networth isn’t revealed. However, according to glassdoor, The average salary for a Creative Strategist is $111,361 per year in the United States, which is 8% lower than the average TikTok salary of $122,252 per year for this job.

Alexandria Williams celebrating christmas
Alexandria Williams celebrating Christmas. Image Credit: Instagram

From her earnings, Williams treats herself with trips and vacations, which helped her to lose weight. Furthermore, she owns luxurious cars and lavish living arrangements in Maryland. Besides, she celebrated a grand Christmas party with her loved ones.

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