Allstarbio terms and services point out the usage and access of various articles and biographies on entertainment-sports-fashion related topics. Consequently, Allstarbio terms and services give direction to users reflects the rules governing use and access to its content.

Visitors-Allstarbio legal agreement binding the terms of usage

Allstarbio has used its users’ details in accordance with the privacy policy and viewers can use the services as described in the service section. So, please visit privacy policy page to better understand the policies.

However, the viewer may comment on articles, but Allstarbio reserves the right to publish or delete comments that might or might violate harmony of the user by posting racially charged, vulgar and potentially violent or threatening comments to any community.

The users of Allstarbio shall not infringe the provisions and rules of the State Special Service Act and, if found guilty of a violation, he/she shall be responsible for his/ her actions which might include punishment or fines the State charges on the individual.

Google Services

Google’s advertising needs can be summarized in Google’s advertising principles. They are designed to provide a positive experience for users. On our site, we have enabled Google AdSense and can use other ads in accordance with their reliability and usability.

Modification of these Terms of Service

Allstarbio will reserve the right to amend the terms of service and will thus not be liable for changing the terms of service to its readers and spectators.