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Allstarbio really cares about providing our readers with the biography, news, alongside protecting our users ‘ personal information. We commit to protecting the privacy concerns of our users and we wish to emphasize our commitment to collecting, using and disclosing limited information (in extreme circumstances).

In the following subheadings define different terms, including in our privacy policy:

1.a Personal Information

Allstarbio collects your information only if you want to comment on the articles published on our websites. Only in such cases will we collect personal data. The comment is enabled when you submit a media account username such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

In addition, social media authentication regulates any racially accused remarks and other violence which we do not promote.

1.b Personal Information Usage

The information gathered here is only used for the review and feedback on your comments, as indicated in 1.a.

Also collected data pursuant to 1a is to help improve our website for better user experience or to modify the content as per our user’s suggestions received to us via our contact page, if required.

As an open page, we are prepared to receive user feedback via our email, but unless we find something of the utmost importance in quick inboxes or the comment section, Allstarbio can not respond to the nonsense.

1.C. Information disclosure and protection

As a common platform for users, as mentioned in 1a, we do not share your limited data to everybody.

However, as mentioned in 1a, Dodoodad will not communicate the details of our user and the personal information collected to a third party without the signing of a legal agreement of disclosure as per the Privacy Act amended in 2018, in respect of the present State’s law.

  1. Security and Storage of Personal Information

In addition, all personal information (including email addresses, account profiles, and direct messages) is ensured as secured at any cost. Despite its use for better user experience, Allstarbio will not ever use this to its own advantage.

We collect certain operational information such as the IP address of your server, time zone, location or browser, or the device and operating system you use. It only helps our users get a better experience when navigating.

  1. Aggregate Information

We share a grouped analytical report that does not contain any personal data but grouped analytical reports, Allstarbio uses aggregate data of all visitors and shares it with the third party.

  1. Analytics

Dodoodad will use or use a web analytics tool to monitor clicks, visits or mouse movements by using any reliable third parties tool.

  1. Cookies

We make it clear that Allstarbio does not use cookies, but your search engines can use their own products to improve the experience of the customer.

  1. Your Privacy Policy and Amendments

You can contact us via your Contact Us page and request us the changes you will need to make if you have any complaint about breaching your privacy rights by disclosing your personal data or want a proper explanation of the above Privacy policy.