Quick Facts of Angelique Bernard

When we talk about a higher position in Government institutions, there are very few young people that make it to the top. Angelique Bernard is such a personality who is the youngest person to serve as a commissioner for any of Canada’s three northern territories.

Angelique Bernard is Yukon’s first French-speaking Canadian as the Commissioner.  Well, it’s all about her professional life but if you are curious to know her personal life, then read the article below,

Angelique Bernards’ Personal Life

Angelique Bernard is quite secretive when it comes to her personal life. She never talked about her relationship status to media but she mentioned her children during an interview. Moreover, she is assumed to be single as of now.

Commissioner bernard is a mother of two boys.
Commissioner bernard is a mother of two boys. Source: Pinterest

The 46-year-old Bernard is a mother of two children Sébastien (age 9) and Samuel (age 7). She wants to involve her two sons who currently attend École Émilie-Tremblay school. However, she is yet to mention her children’s father.

Net worth

Angelique Bernard is one of the popular political activists who is serving for the people of Yukon since 1995. The average a high-level commissioner earns about $99,936 per year, however, earning differs from the position and educational qualification. So, her net worth is around $500,000-$1 million.

Bernard is also an experienced Women commissioner and her expected salary could be around $169,891. Since she is appointed as commissioner just a year earlier, her earning is expected to rise with time.

Angelique Professional Journey

Angelique Bernard is currently served as the commissioner of Yukon since March  2018. Priorly, she worked as an intern at the Bureau of French Language services in 1995. Then, she moved to Yukon from Montreal and within two weeks of the time she was attached to the territory like many Yukoners.

Angelique Bernard is the commissioner of Yukon.
Angelique Bernard is the commissioner of Yukon. Source: Revolvy

After doing an internship at the Bureau of french language, she started her own translation firm in 2000. Bernard served for seven years to the board of directors of the Association franco-Yukonnaise as President for Yukon’s Francophone community from 2010 to 2017.

Bernard is always dreamt of working for Yukon people and surprisingly it came true after she appointed as the Commissioner of Europe. Moreover, her appointment is announced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

MisS Bernard during her time as the president of AFY.
Miss Bernard during her time as the President of AFY. Source: Canada news

After appointed as commissioner, Bernard said,

The Yukon has brought me so much, so now I think it’s my time to give back. I felt privileged to represent 35,874 people of Yukon

Angelique’s appointment became history since she is the first French-Canadian to be named as the Commissioner of Yukon.

Bernard Role As a Commissioner

Angelique Bernard is the youngest ever Commissioner, due to which the people of Yukon are both nervous as well as excited with her appointment.  However, Bernard’s role involves including Yukon families in official events as well as making connections with the people of Yukon so as to understand their expectations.

Bernard signing the Oath for 5 years as a commissioner.
Bernard signing the Oath for 5 years as a commissioner. Source: Cbc.ca

Similarly, her other roles are to follow up on the work done by former commissioner Doug Phillips.  Some of the roles include making tours at schools to explain to the students about the role of a commissioner.