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Davey Havok is an American artist. He is best known as the lead vocalist of American rock band AFI. Also, he is the lead vocalist for other small bands formed by the member os AFI like the electronic music band Blacq Audio, new wave band Dreamcar as well as a hardcore band XTRMST. Moreover, he is also a writer and has written two books. 

Davey Havok has also involved himself in fashion as well and created a fashion line called Glitterboy. To know more about this iconic punk star, read the article until the end. In addition to this, do you think Davey Havok is in a relationship? The answer might shock you. 

Italian Ancestry

David Havok was born as David Paden Passaro in Rochester, New York, on November 20, 1975. He 44 years old as of January 2020. His ancestors were Italian. His father, Ernie Passaro, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Sadly, he passed away when David was only five years old in 1980.

Later, his mother, Penny Marchand, remarried. David then took his stepfather’s surname, and his legal name became  David Paden Marchand. After Marchand’s mother’s remarriage, his family moved to Ukiah, California from Rochester, New York, in1986.  He has a younger maternal-half-brother who is eight years younger than him.

Assumed to be a Satanist

Davey Havok attended St Mary’s Of The Angels school until eight grade. Because of his liking of heavy metal bands, he used to draw upside-down crosses, which made the nuns teaching Davey to think that he worships the devil, and is a Satanist. Though, he confirmed later, that he is both, a Christian and a Satanist.

 After his eight grade finished, he attended Ukiah High School and graduated in 1993. After graduation, he attended the University of California, Berkeley. Moreover, he took Psychology and English as his primary subjects. However, after his sophomore year, he dropped out of college because his music career with the AFI band was taking off.

Rise to Stardom

Davey Havok, along with his friends Mark Stopholese and Vic Chalker, and Adam Carson started the band AFI, which was shorted for A fire Inside. In 1995, the band released their debut album Answer That and Stay Fashionable. Following that year, they released their second album Very Proud of Ya. As of now, the band has more than fifteen studio albums.

Band Members of AFI Band Mark Stopholese, Vic Chalker, Davey Havok and Adam Carson
The AFI Band. Source: deadpress.co.uk

In 2014, David appeared at the lead vocalist of the brand name XTRMST. XTRMST released the self-titled album in late 2014. David also showcased his passion for writing. He has written two books altogether as of 2020. He also appeared in the series Godkiller as the voice of the antagonist. Similarly, Layla Brooklyn Allman, Alecia Demner, and Matt Heafy are also some famous rock musicians.

Relationship Status

As of January 2020, David Havok is single. However, he was formerly engaged to Monica Parker. The couple first met in 1999 and got engaged in 2001. But after three years of their relationship, the couple separated. It is said that Monica cheated on Davey Havok to be with Blink 182 co-lead vocalist Matt Shikba.

Singer Davey Havok with his former fiancé Monica Parker.
Davey Havok with his former fiancé Monica Parker. Source: Famous Fix.

Monica Parker is a famous British actress known for her role as Bailey Riggs in Defiance. After his separation with Monica Parker, Davey started dating American Model Brittany Bowen, also renowned as Brittany Bao. However, the couple separated a few years later. As of now, Brittany is dating Jared Mort.

Singer Davey Havok with his former girlfriend Model Brittany Bowen.
Davey Havok with his former girlfriend Brittany Bowen. Source: Pinterest

Moreover, Davey Havok is a Vegan. He also won World’s Sexiest Vegetarian contest organized by Peta.  Likewise, he is an advocate for straight edge lifestyle. He does not encourage the consumption of alcohol and drug abuse. Moreover, he revealed that he has no plans on getting married. Shortly, he does not believe in marriages.

Net Worth

Davey Havok has an estimated net worth of $20million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He earns his fortune primarily through his music career. His career started since he was in high school. By the time he attended college, he was famous and well-known among teenagers. He is estimated to earn $2million yearly from all his concerts and gigs.

Davey Havok's house is painted black.
Davey Havok’s house is all black. Source: Instagram Posted By @6131records

His band AFI and other band have sold over 1 million copies of all the albums. That made the group’s earning to range from $30Million- $40million from a single record. Similarly, he has inks all over his body — a tattoo from a professional cost about $450-$600 an hour.


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