TV host and Producer

As they say, Love does not see any age difference, by saying this we mean Bob Eubanks and his wife Deborah James. Bob Eubanks is 81-years-old whereas his wife Deborah James is 14-years smaller than him. The couple is having the time of their lives and is hopelessly in love with each other.

The TV Producer, Bob and Event Producer, Deborah married in 2004 and is parenting four children as of 2019. How this lovely couple ended up together? Are there any rumors or controversies? Well, let’s explore that, shall we?

Deborah James Married Life with Bob Eubanks

The event producer married Bob in 2004, however, the exact date of their auspicious day is not revealed. The wedding was a private affair with some close friends and family members attending an event.

Deborah James (left) with husband Bob Eubanks (right) during an interview with Scott Topper. Image Source – YouTube.

Not much is known about the wedding but according to some sources, both Deborah James and Bob Eubanks looked absolutely delighted. The couple share one son named Noah Eubanks and three more children from Bob’s first marriage.

Bob Eubanks Past Relationship and Children

The star producer and host, Bob was married to actress Irma Brown before committing himself to Deborah. He exchanged wedding vows with Irma in 1969. How the couple met each other is not known but due to both of their profession, they might have met at some party through a common friend.

Irma stood side by side with Bob for 35-years until 2004. Irma died in the year 2004 leaving Bob and three children alone. They welcomed three children named Corey Michael Eubanks, Theresa Eubanks, and Trace Eubanks in their 35-years of marriage.

Eubanks revived after a tragic moment in his life when he found the love of his life after two years of his wife’s death.

How Did Deborah James and Bob Eubanks Meet Each Other?

Deborah James is respected and one of the top event producer in the US. And Bob Eubanks is no different as he is not just an amazing TV host but also a man behind many of the successful music artists.

Yes, Bob is the guy who promoted and invested in all of the three The Beatles Concerts in the states. His production value in these concerts was one of the best at the time. Not just that, Bob also worked with artists like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Frank Sinatra.

The Beatles performing at the Alex Theatre, a show produced by Bob Eubanks. Image Source – Pasadena Weekly.

So, by looking at their profession it should not be difficult to guess how the beautiful couple met each other. Though both of them have not shared anything about it we can assume they met each other during such event and after that, the spark flew.

They exchanged a few conversations and probably went on a few dates before making their relationship serious. The couple tied the knot and in 15-years of their married life, there are no rumors and controversies surrounding them. The pair stays away from such news and is rarely spotted by media.