Deji Olatunji is a British YouTube star and comedy shorts gamer who started getting immense fame for his gaming clips. Further, his YouTube channel Deji has more than 10.6 Million subscribers and 2 Billion views.

Moreover, his work as a YouTuber with his channel posting videos relevant to most gaming videos, pranks, and crazy challenge videos, among other things. Reportedly, he is highly active on YouTube, uploading three to four videos every week on average.

Apart from this, the guy was ranked second on Tubular Labs’ BBC list of UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators,” instantly behind his older brother, Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, well-known by his stage name KSI, JJ Olatunji, who was ranked first.

Unfortunately, the two brothers had a big fight, and Deji threw him out of the house. Do you want to know the main reasons behind their fighting? If yes! Then stay tuned with us until the end of this article.

Who Is Deji Olatunji? 

The chocolaty man Olatunji first landed on this planet on 9 December 1996, in Watford, English, the United Kingdom, under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Likewise, the guy is of English nationality and belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background. In addition, the man is allergic to nuts.

Likewise, he was born in Lagos to supportive parents, his dad Olajide Ademola Olatunji Sr., widely famed as Jide Olatunji and his mom Olayinka Atinuke, aka Yinka Olatunji. After his lovely parents married, the whole Olatunji family relocated to London. His dad has been the cameraman for his son’s videos.

Deji Olatunji with his older brother, KSI. Image Source @comedygamer

Similarly, Deji’s parents are of Nigerian roots. Their older son’s success, on the other hand, influenced them. Now, they corroborate the two boys’ efforts and take active roles in many of the videos they produce for their respective channels. Frequently, his dad competes with him in challenge videos or reacts to viral videos with him.

Additionally, the fellow was raised alongside his supportive older brother, Olajide William Olatunji, aka KSI. In contrast, their parents were initially suspicious of YouTube as a viable career option. Further, his brother is a professional boxer noted for his youtube channel KSI and JJ Olatunji.

More On Deji Olatunji Brother KSI

Olajide Olatunji, aka KSI, is a famous YouTube and social media phenomenon, especially in the United Kingdom, with over 23.8 million YouTube subscribers. Further, he is better known for his content on FIFA, soccer, music, reaction, and comedy.

Furthermore, the handsome hunk is also a rapper, K-pop artist, music director, rapper, singer, and his debut studio album Dissimulation was released in May 2020. Moreover, his second album, All Over The Place, debuted at No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart in 2021.

The dark dashing man has given many hit songs and has made his debut single alongside his fellow YouTuber Randolph via his song Heskey Time, a rap song about Emile Heskey on Christmas 2011.

As a boxer, the good-looking music artist is popular for winning the amateur boxing match against American YouTuber Logan Paul. Also, the singer has been involved in three high-profile boxing bouts.

The popular entertainer exhilarates the audience with his Voice, raps, songs, and dance moves from award production stages such as billboards to Grammys, stadium tours, concerts, and many others.

Released A video

The recent craze of YouTubers’ wrangles and drama is being continued by KSI and his brother Deji. On Saturday, a YouTube star released a short video about his brother and the bullying he has endured over the years.

KSI tries to dig up stories about Deji before the response to abuse accusations. Image Source Dexerto

When there was internet beef, the hunk claimed that KSI never took his side in private with their parents or in public. However, the rapper claims that he helped his brother through his difficulties, the younger of the two claims that his brother was not there for him.

Popular Hip-Hop Artist, KSI After Olatunji Posted A Video and KSI Throwout Deji Olatunji From House

Since Olatunji posted a Short YouTube video alleging his older brother has physically and emotionally abused him since the two started making videos together in 2012, the singer has lost nearly 100K subscribers, bringing him to just over 7 million.

KSi’s fans-followers and well-wishers were trolling him about how he treated his brother and his thoughts. KSI, on the other sides, is losing subscribers. His quick reactions to Deji’s video imply that he will post his video in the coming days or weeks.

KSI explains why he kicked Deji out of his house. Image Source YouTube

On Christmas Day, Olatunji came to visit family, which resulted in a fight. So far, KSI kicked him out, and his parents just stood there and watched, according to a rapper’s tweet.

If the singer does not leave the house, the social media star has threatened to call the cops. KSI, according to Deji, wanted to smash his computer and force him to delete the diss track. Therefore, it’s the main reason behind their big fighting.

About KSI Boxing Career

On 25 August 2018, at the Manchester Arena, Deji fought for the first time in a white-collar battle against Jake Paul. Moreover, this fight took place on the undercard of the YouTube boxing event in which Olajide took against Logan Paul in the main event.

After his loss against Jake, the artist returned to the boxing ring again and fought against Vinnie Hacker in the Youtubers vs. TikTok boxing event On 12 June. Nevertheless, he lost again, and the community was disappointed in Olatunji, but the lad did receive a lot of support from different celebrities.

Deji Olatunji is a big name in the boxing field. Image Source Instagram

After two scandalous losses, he returned for redemption against a well-known Youtuber Alex Wassabi. KSI shared multiple training videos, and fans’ followers were hopeful of his win. But things didn’t turn in his way as the hunk was defeated again. The musician is yet to win a boxing match in his career.

What Is The Current Relationship Status Of Deji Olantuji?

Most of his fans, followers, and lovers want to know the name of the girl who is dating Deji. Also, there have never been any talks, gossip or news as the Social Media star maintains a secret personal life. The TV personality is very popular among girls and even on social media platforms.

Without wasting any time, let’s discuss his present lovelife. Well, the good-looking guy is now dating a very beautiful YouTuber named Dunjahh (Dounja). Reportedly, he is two years senior to her.

Deji with his current girlfriend, Dunjahh. Image Source YouTube

His lovely girlfriend is also a YouTube sensation who posts makeup tutorials and where their love story begins. Recently, the gamer posted Try not to laugh with my new girlfriend, which received millions of views on his channel.

As per multiple tabloids, the YouTuber Deji previously dated a fellow social media personality, Claira Hermet. However, how and when the ex-duo first met and started the romantic affair is still under review. But we learned that the former couple met for the first time sometime in 2013.

However, the former couple stayed in a relationship till 2014. But, the two haven’t publicized the reason behind their separation. 

Net Worth: $5 Million

Ok, Deji Olatunji has collected a huge amount of money from his long successful multiple careers. Moreover, he is still active in Hollywood entertainment, and now the guy has turned out to be one of the finest stars.

Reportedly, he holds a net worth of $5 million and has up to 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel ComedyShortsGamer, which also serves as a source of income for him.

Furthermore, the star also made money by releasing a book called Kung Fu Hero and The Forbidden City: A ComedyShortsGamer Graphic Novel and creating a personalized clothing line called Tank.

Deji Olatunji’s lavish lifestyle. Image Source YouTube 

Additionally, his YouTube career was started on gaming videos, which increased his gaming exposure and allowed him to compete in the 2015 Legends of Gaming competition alongside other YouTubers who upload gaming content.

The dashing man came in second place on Tubular Labs’ list of the UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators for BBC in 2015, with his older brother taking first.

His Brother Holds Massive Net Worth

His brother KSI is famous as the lead singer and rapper in the United States of America. So far, his flourishing career has stimulated him to accumulate such a massive fortune.

The musician has a staggering net worth of around $25 million. The NME Award-winning Olajide’s official YouTube channel KSI has amassed 23.8million subscribers. According to the social blade, his channel makes $2.2 thousand – $35.9 thousand per month and around $26.9 thousand – $430.9 million yearly.

Furthermore, he also runs another YouTube channel, JJ Olatunji, having 15.1 million subscribers, and the channel makes $14.1 thousand – $224.9thousand & $168.7 thousand – $2.7 million per month and year, respectively.

Rapidly, the boxer bagged a huge sum of money. In 2014, he reportedly earned $1.12Million, and in 2015, Forbes assessed his net Worth as over $4.5Million, ranking him as the fifth-highest paid YouTuber in the world. 

Deji’s Car Crash

On 3 September 2016, the blogger was involved in a car accident; Deji made videos in which he showed pictures of the car and described his injuries and what happened.

Deji’s car crash. Image Source YouTube

In that accident, the fellow was driving his Audi TT when he lost control and collided with his friend Stephen. Physicians said the accident could have been fatal if the car had been less safe, but Deji walked away with only nine stitches on his arm and leg, and Stephen was unharmed.

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