Quick Facts of Douglas William Bradley

If you have watched horror franchise Hellraiser than you won’t have forgotten the fictional character the Pinhead, done by Doug Bradley. Doug is a British horror movie icon who has captured a great place Hollywood entertainment industry.

Doug appeared as a gym teacher in an advertisement for Direct Line insurance in the UK.  Apart, he is also an active member of the animation company Renga Media. As like it, there are various interesting facts about Bradley stay with the article to know about them.

Early Life of Dough

Doug Bradley, born on September 7, 1954, in Liverpool, England, UK. The actor holds a British nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Bradley attended Quarry Bank High School.

The British actor and Clive Barker are friends for a long time and worked in the same theatre called “Dog Company” but soon they separated in different directions.

The Famous Pinhead Actor Doug is a Huge Success.
Side By Side Picture of Doug Bradley and Pinhead.Picture Credit: Post/Post Podcasts.

At the set of Hellraiser, the British actor himself removed his makeup as the result, woked in Hellraiser as an assistant make up artist. Gradually, his acting carer started to pace and he proved himself in various movies, he is not an underrated actor. Doug is also a member of the Renga Media UK based animation company. Victor Slezak, Erinn Hayes, Denyse Tontz, and Jonathan Cake are some other renowed Hollywood actors.

Blessed with Fortunes

Basically, Doug Bradley is famous as a Horror movie superstar and gave voice in various movies as well, which helped him to earn a lot. Doug has a net worth of $5 million. His film, Hellraiser franchise has a box office collection of $48 million so far.

The 64 years old actor is still one of the richest actors in the UK. If you will look at his career height he seems one of the actors who is from rags to riches and with his recent projects, seems increasing his fortunes.

The UK Born Actor is a True Modern Horror Movie Star.
Doug Bradley, The Man With Variant Looks.Picture Credit: Facebook

Moreover, he was nominated once for a Fangoria Chainsaw Award as the best actor for a movie called Hellraiser3. Bradley wrote a book too called Sacred Monsters: Behind The Mask of The Horror Actor, whose royalty seems profitable for him.

Love Life

Doug Bradley is one of the actors who keeps himself away from the limelight, however, the British actor married Lynne Bradley. Lynne works as director, choreographer, actor trainer and performer, and has won various awards including Matilda Awards, and Total Theatre Award.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman and it quite implies on him too. Lynne always guides him and together they are impacting the entertainment industry. However, we are expecting to see them together on the big screen.

The Bradley couple shares two children together, but they did not expose in the media. The couple has one son and one daughter and seems quite away from the entertainment industry. Lynne and Doug are a perfect couple and is away from the controversies.



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