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The Korean Journalist, Eva Pilgrim earned a hefty net worth from her successful career. Eva Pilgrim is working at ABC News where she earns a handsome salary annually. Pilgrim makes her annual income from her Journalist profession or there are more sources to add to her wealth.

This Korean journalist loves traveling and often travels with her husband to exotic locations. So, how much is her Net Worth? What are her sources of Income funding her luxurious lifestyle? Let’s take a detour in her wealth to try to answer the above question.

What is Eva Pilgrim Net Worth? Know her Sources of Income

The exact amount of her Net Worth is not known, however, it is reported that her wealth is more than $1 million. Eva earned all of this fortune through her successful career as a journalist working in various News stations.

According to, an average salary at ABC for News anchors and reporters are somewhere around $98,000 to $107,000. So, we can take a guess that Eva Pilgrim might be earning in that range or more than that. Not just that, her hubby, Mikah Caskey also has a hefty wealth.

Eva Pilgrim (left) with her hubby Mikah Caskey (right)

Mikah works at the County Courthouse as a criminal prosecutor. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the criminal prosecutor salary is around $88,020 to $138,460. Caskey might be earning somewhere in that range giving him a staggering net worth.

Know about Eva Pilgrim’s Career

The beautiful Journalist started her career in 2002 right after completing her education from the University of Florida. Eva Pilgrim joined as the web producer at WIS-TV in Columbia but only worked at the station for two years.

After leaving WIS-TV, Eva moved to Bluefield in search of a better opportunity. She worked at WVVA and worked as an anchor and reporter for two years. Pilgrim gained experience for four years from 2002-2006 working in the media. That experience helped her to grab better opportunities.

Eva Pilgrim reporting in a story in London, UK

From 2006-2009, Eva Pilgrim used her skills at Fox Charlotte where her major new coverage was on taxi drivers. The Taxi Drivers at the city discriminated against the disabled persons by refusing them to drive them in their taxis. Adding the experience to her resume, from 2009-2012, Eva Pilgrim worked at WXIN-TV.

Working for ten years in many news outlets finally paid off. Eva Pilgrim made her start at the biggest news outlet in the US, ABC News. Pilgrim began her work for ABC News in 2012 and is still working at the station. One of her major news coverage at ABC is the historic meeting of US President Donald Trump with North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un in Singapore.

Her House, Cars, and Lifestyle

Eva Pilgrim is currently living in New York in a house worth $550,000 on average. She shares her house with her husband. Pilgrim is active on Instagram with 37,000 followers. Her posts mainly consist of behind the scenes of her work, her husband, and her family.

Eva Pilgrim enjoying her holiday in Paris

Pilgrim travels to exotic places but mostly travels to Korea to meet her family and relatives. She lives a luxurious lifestyle which Pilgrim achieved from her hard work.