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YouTuber fashion and beauty Gabi DeMartino has earned popularity through the nikiandgabibeauty channel that she shares with her twin Niki DeMartino. As for now, Gabi has created her own Fancy Vlogs by Gab.

Lately, she has caught the limelight with her rumors of cheating on her long term high school boyfriend. Are you here to find out the details about her relationship? If yes, we must say this article is for you cause guys we have accumulated all the juicy details about her love life.

Who is Gabi Demartino Boyfriend?

As for now, Gabi is not married yet; however, Gabriella is currently dating a guy named Collin Vogt. As both of them are personalities of social media, the pair is quite open about appearances in each other’s social media site.


The couple seems to be in a loving relationship as their love radiates from each of their pictures. We will make sure to provide other details about her personal life as soon as

Gabi Demartino Boyfriend
Image: Gabi Demartino matching bracelet with her boyfriend

we grab them. Just a few months back, the couple got a couple of bracelets that totally shows love for each other.

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Gabi Demartino on her Ex-Boyfriend?

Before Collin Vogt, Gabi dated Brandon Grupe briefly since they met at high school and commonly showed their love on social media accounts. That’s why when they broke up immediately, a huge number of their fans were taken off guard. After some time, Gabi revealed that she was bored with her five-year-old relationship and that she had no chance to meet other individuals since she was 15. There were also thousands of people who even backlashed DeMartino for cheating Brandon.

Gabi Demartino
Image: Gabi Demartino  with her boyfriend Collin

She always returned back to Brandon in the hope to feel the passion again. In the process, she met her boyfriend Collin, and they instantly fell in love with each other, although both of them were in a committed relationship at that time.

Together both Collin and Gai spend a romantic summer and right after that Collin broke up with his girlfriend. However, Gabi had an issue to break up immediately up with Brandon. Nevertheless, she soon faced Brandon and broke up for once and for all.

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Although Gabi believes that cheating on her ex-boyfriend was awful, she believes it would happen sooner or later. And she is now in a happy relationship with Collin.


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