Betty Liu made a leap in her career from Bloomberg reporter to Executive Vice Chairman of the NYSE. She found success in her career by being the trusted source of financial news for bankers. This experience allows her to embrace this new journey in the trading world and gain staggering net worth and property.

Her new venture comes from passion and is supported by many top businesspersons such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Jack Welch. Are you wondering what her net worth is? Being a top name in the world of trading she must be making a handsome income. Let’s take a detour into her wealth and assets.

Betty Liu’s Net Worth Details and Income Sources

Besides her staggering net worth of $2 million, Liu is constantly adding wealth through her new ventures. Liu is a millionaire and earns an average of $400,000 annually. The major chunk of her income comes from her salary and then bonuses and incentives.

Betty Liu (left) at NYSE where AMTD Group pulled an IPO from Hongkong and CEO Calvin Choi (next to her) signing an agreement

However, an average salary at Bloomberg is at $100,684 according to Glassdoor.com. She works in Bloomberg and is one of the most decorated business journalists in the world. Furthermore, her new investment in the company called Radiate giving business advice to people is surely going to add more wealth in her assets.

Besides this, her husband Bill Browning is also a Journalist whose income tends to increase the couple net worth.

Betty Liu Career Details

Dow Jones Newswires Award winner Liu started her career in the 90s with Dow Jones Newswires in HongKong. After some years of work, she left Dow Jones and began working for the Financial Times.

While she was there as the Atlanta Bureau Chief, her stories about Coca-Cola ex-CEO Douglas Daft, former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli, and former US President Jimmy Carter gained popularity. In addition to that, she also worked for CNBC Asia and also used to write columns for The Wall Street Journal and Far Eastern Economic Review.

Betty Liu at NYSE as her role of Executive

Finally, her knowledge and experience in analyzing financial data landed her a job in Bloomberg.

The Bloomberg Journey…

She started her Bloomberg Journey somewhere around in 2006-2007. Liu host the show ‘In the Loop With Betty Liu’ which started in 2007 and ended in 2015. Moreover, she became a trusted source for bankers after her analysis of the financial market.

During her tenure at Bloomberg, she interviewed many big players in businesses like Warren E. Buffet, Elon Musk, and Arianna Huffington. Liu worked alongside the likes of Emily Chang, Stephanie Ruhle, and Francine Lacqua. An award-winning business journalist made her career progress in 2018 after she got the role in the board of NYSE.


She joined the New York Stock Exchange as Executive Vice Chairman from July 9, 2018. Besides that, she also started a company called Radiate, Inc. which provides career advice and leadership lessons. The lessons will be provided by business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Betty Liu’s House, Cars, Property, and Lifestyle

The CEO of Radiate lives in New York City with her family. NYC is the place where her business company office is located. So’ she must be living in New York. Besides that, she makes her investment in other property as well.

As a true investor, you’ll need to create a portfolio for you to invest your money. The stock market, real estate, business ventures, and commodities are four investment where Liu makes her return. She lives a very luxurious lifestyle as per her Instagram account.

Radiate CEO Betty Liu (in the middle) with her two sons in Paris

Betty travels in various destinations either for business purposes or for holiday purposes. She surrounds herself with brilliant minds which allows her to learn and network with so many big personalities. Liu is very busy in her podcast these days where she talks about Finance.

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