How Much Faze Apex Net Worth in 2019

We all know in today’s era the Youtube is a platform that can create a star of the internet overnight. Faze Apex is one of those individuals who has created a name for himself and gained quite a fan of the internet globally. He is also popular as a co-head for the famous video game video, Call of Duty sniping clan named Faze Clan.

Similarly, he operates his own FaZe Apex, a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers. Are you also one of his fan and want to know his earning? If yes, scroll down as this article includes everything about his net worth and expenditure. So, stay tuned to us until the end.

How Much Faze Apex Net Worth & Salary?

Well, a renowned YouTuber and gamer, Faze Apex is a very popular online figure on YouTube, and its channel site has amassed millions of views and subscribers. It can, therefore, be presumed that through it, he earns a lot of cash.

Ads and commercials also add up in his earning. According to socialblade, he makes $3 thousand$48.7 thousand monthly, which is pretty huge, right? Likewise, yearly Apex earns around $36.5 thousand$584.1thousands from his self-titled YouTube channel, which has over 5.4 million subscribers. As of 2019, his net worth is somewhere around $2.2 Million.

Faze Apex
Image: Faze Apex at his house with one of his fans

Even his Instagram posts earn his quite a good amount of money. From his 2.2 million followers on Instagram, he gets $thousands of dollars from his every post. Apex also uses Instagram for the promotion of his new videos.

Faze Apex’s Source of Income

As said before, his main source of income as for now is solely his self entitled Youtube channel. Born as Yousef Abdelfattah, Apex is increasing his Youtube channel to a wider range.

His average views per month are around 12,168,390, which is quite impressive looking at his 5.4 million enriched subscriber counts. Faze also takes up various challenges via his videos.

Faze Apex’s Expenditure, House & Cars

Faze is very talented and one of the most dedicated Youtuber of today’s era. Although there is no detailed information about Apex house, FaZe owns a matte white 2017 BMW M3, for which he paid $80,000. Then, he also purchased Tesla Model X two years back in $77,815.

Faze Apex
Image: Faze Apex’s car collection BMW M3

Then again the same year, he bought range rover which costs around $177,000. If you keep up with his videos, then you guys must be aware of the fact how car enthusiast Apex is. Just like his other Youtuber fellas Austin McBroom, Jeffree Star, Sebastian Moy, and James Charles Faze is also a quiet car collector. So, we can say, he has a bunch of car collection at his home.