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    Climbing the corporate ladder, Dan Greiner created his identity in society as a businessman. Besides being significantly famous as the husband of Lori Greiner, he has a career as a division controller, CFO & COO, and also founded some chains of companies. The couple lives in a lavish house in Chicago.

    When combining all the money of the couple they enjoy a multi-million dollar net worth. Their wealth allows them and their family to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Greiner earns his money from different income sources.

    Dan Greiner’s Net Worth and Income Details

    The staggering net worth of Dan Greiner is yet to be disclosed. But combining his wealth with his wife presents us with an idea of his massive sum of worth. As per online sources, the couple blended asset valuation is at $50 million.

    Dan Greiner (left) hugging his wife Lori Greiner (right)

    He earns his salary from his work as the Vice President for For Your Ease Only Inc. Not just that, Greiner is also working as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in the same company. This is the company founded by the Greiner couple and Dan helps to reach its peak.

    Furthermore, his wife Lori is also an author and an investor at Shark Tank and The Tank reality TV show. She gained all of her fame through the investing TV show. Even though they have a multi-million dollar of bank balance they do not have an heir to their property yet.

    Dan Greiner’s Previous Career

    Born in the 60s, the age of hippies, Greiner never dreamt of grabbing so much of attention. Dan completed his education from the States and graduated as an accountant. After finishing his study, Greiner worked at the company named Bell + Howell.

    Reportedly, Greiner worked as a division controller in the company and his job was going very well. From his profession, he earned a salary of more than $100,000 per year. However, he resigned after working for so many years to work with his wife.

    On the other hand, Lori Greiner is an entrepreneur at Shark Tank along with Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Jamie Siminoff, and many more. 

    Dan Greiner resigns to support his Wife…

    Lori dreamt of creating a million-dollar company and formed a plastic earring organizer by taking a loan of $300,000. After some success in the balance sheet, J.C. Penney got interested and started to invest in the company.

    Lori made millions from the deal and her husband stayed by her side. She speaks in very high regard about her husband and praises her spouse contribution whenever she gets the opportunity to do so.

    Dan Greiner (right) with his wife Lori Greiner (left) at For Your Ease Inc.

    Dan left his previous company and supported his better half business For Your Ease Only Inc. He currently works as CFO, COO, Vice-President, and is also the founding member of the company.

    Dan Greiner’s House, Cars, Lifestyle, and Charity Works

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something that almost all of the companies involved in. The companies give something back to the community for making the profit by selling products and services to the community.

    Greiner any personal charity works and contribution to foundation is not known, however, he must be contributing through his company. The couple lives in a house in Chicago. In Chicago, the median price of a house is at $200,000 and reaches up to $32 million penthouses.

    We can assume, Greiner couple must be living in a million-dollar mansion looking at their bank balance. With $50 million the pair must be driving luxury cars costing thousands of dollars. Lori drives a Mercedes which cost around $74,600 on current market price.

    Lori Grenier in her red Mercedes

    Dan Greiner is living a lavish lifestyle with his wife and their net worth is set to reach new heights in the coming future. For further updates, keep reading Allstarbio.com.