In the entertainment industry, it’s pretty obvious to have make-ups and break up quite often than in other sectors, right? And today we have brought you the news of one of the hottest and gorgeous Youtuber Pokimane Thicc. Now get your popcorns ready cause guys the news is getting exciting and you don’t want to miss it.

There are thousands of people who are searching for Thicc’s boyfriend? How long she has been dating and so on. Being one of the most beautiful stars can be a perk as you get thousands of searches daily. Pokimane if you are reading our article then you are one of the beautiful Twitch stars. Now, without wasting any further time let’s get into Pokimane’s dating life.

Want to know Pokimane Thicc’s Age?

With a beautiful voice, body statics and smile Thicc has become the heartthrob of many people all around the world. Living as a 23 years old twitch star is a dream for most of the people all over the world.

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Just at the age of 23 Pokimane is living the life of someone who cannot even afford at the age of ’30 and 40s and its a huge achievement right guys?  23 years old Thicc has a height of 5 feet 4 inches tall whereas has a slim figure with a weight of 50 kg.

Is Pokimane Thicc Dating Anyone?

Just like any 23 years adult, Pokimane is also living a very joyful life. She enjoys telling stories and all but Pokimane is also quite secretive about her private affairs and life. The most amusing fact is, Thicc rarely posts a picture with any guy in her social media handle such as Instagram.

Pokimane Thicc spreading love in a mirror selfie.

Till date, there has not been any information as to who she is dating and is in a relationship with but, there have been rumors that she is dating and has been in a relationship with fellow YouTubers and gamers. Some of the stars with whom her name has been linked are Meteos and Scarra.

Pokimane with her rumored boyfriend

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However, her strictly denying in being any kind of relationship has surely falsified the relationship with any of the stars. She recently posted a picture on her Instagram page with a guy called Myth who is also a fellow YouTuber. Her followers dropped comments such as a couple of goals but she was quick to say they were just friends. It is quite surprising that there are no details on her previous relationship status. It seems her fans and followers should wait a little longer to get the inside story of Pokimane Thicc and her love life.