The 29-year-old Moroccan-Spanish actress, Sofia Pernas rise to stardom came in 2015 with The Young & The Restless. Pernas earned a decent amount of net worth in her career.

With still active in her career, Sofia’s wealth will reach new heights in the coming years. So, how much of net worth does she have? What sort of Lifestyle does she live? Let’s take a detour into a career and answer the above questions.

Sofia Pernas’s Net Worth. What are her Sources of Income?

The Brave actress Sofia Pernas has accumulated a net worth of $1.5 million. Her major sources of income come from her acting career and her successful modeling career. As of 2019, Sofia continues to impress everyone with her acting skills which surely is gonna increase her wealth in the coming years.

Sofia Pernas (left) with Matt Barr (right) in the new series Blood & Treasure

Pernas has not revealed the exact salary that she receives from her acting in TV series. According to, the average salary of an actress is at $50,110. So, Sofia might be receiving a salary somewhere around that money. Besides that, Sofia is a big name in the television industry.

Pernas from her appearance in TV series, on average, she might be receiving $15,000 to $35,000 per episode. Furthermore, Sofia is also a successful model and from her modeling career, her average salary might be at $62,400.

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Want to know more about Sofia Pernas Career?

The multi-lingual actress started her career in acting in 2009. Sofia was bound to be a reporter before and even worked as one for some time. But destiny had something else planned for her.

Pernas received an opportunity to show her acting skills in 2009 TV show named The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake. Sofia played the character, Isabella Drake in the television show. But after that, it took another two more years for her to establish herself in the showbiz.

The actress got her second job as an actor in 2011 Film Age of the Dragons. Sofia appeared as a character named Rachel in the movie. From then on, Sofia was on a snowball as she frequently appeared in many movies and TV shows. In the same year, Sofia signed two more TV series appearance.

In addition to that, Pernas appeared in TV shows like NCIS, Leverage, The Young and the Restless, Jane the Virgin, and Transylvania. After acting for so many years, Sofia received her fame across the globe with the 2015 series, The Young and the Restless.

She appeared as Marisa Sierras in the show which was a recurring character. Sofia is also most famous for the one season of 2017-2018 The Brave alongside Mike Vogel, Noah Mills, Anne Heche, and many more. Pernas is one of the main characters in the show. Currently, she is busy shooting for the series Blood & Treasure and film Secret Society of Second Born Royals.

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Sofia Pernas House, Cars, and Lifestyle

The Morocco-born actress is currently living in a house in Los Angeles. Her crib is worth $687,700 on today’s market price. Sofia has 33.5K followers on Instagram where she constantly updates her fans with her work.

Pernas is workaholic and she is busy throughout the year with her modeling and acting projects. Despite being so busy, Sofia is very active and loves adventures. Going through her Instagram, we get to know Sofia loves bike rides and loves to hang out with her friends.

Sofia Pernas riding a bike in SuperMoto

Pernas is enjoying a lavish lifestyle with her fortune of wealth and keeps adding new assets in her net worth.