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Some interesting facts about Alaina Marie Mathers and her relationship with Eminem and Dawn Scott.


  • Alaina isn’t famous her birth name, She was adopted by Eminem in the mid-2000s. Alaina Marie Mathers’ registered her birth name was Amanda Marie Scott. Eminem changed her name to Alaina, her nickname ‘Lainey’.
  • Alaina Marie was Born on 3rd May 1993, Now Alaina is running 23 years old.
  • Alaina mom was (Kim’s twin sister)—Both Alaina’s biological mother, Dawn Scott and Eminem’s ex-wife, Kimberly Scott born on January 9, 1975. They grew up in Michigan under difficult circumstances.
  • Alaina’s natural mother is Dawn Scott. She was addicted to drugs and died on Jan 19, 2016, due to the overuse of drugs (heroin)


  • Her mother (Dawn Scott) was found dead in her own Warren, Michigan home, from a heroin overdose. It was not too much far where she grew up with Eminem and Kim.
  • Alaina Marie Mathers father’s name is hidden from the world. In contrary to others, her family is totally mysterious
  • Alaina is not married yet. She is living a secure life. She is not involved in a complicated married relation boundary Might be, she might be dating someone but it has not been revealed yet.
  • Dawn Scott was found dead in her Warren, Michigan home, from a heroin overdose. It was not far where she grew up with Eminem and Kim.
  • She has two “sisters” these sisters have been labeled Eminem’s ‘daughters’ through the media. where Eminem unquestionably sees them as such relation, there’s a slightly more complex unknown life story behind this.



  •  The one daughter to be recognized in the media is Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, who born in 1995, is Eminem’s biological daughter with Kimberly Scott. Eminem was married to Scott from 1999 to 2001, and then after few years in 2006, both ending their relationship in divorce. However, another is also Whitney Scott Mathers, she is Kimberly Scott’s biological daughter that had from a brief relationship with Eric Hatter.
  •  Alaina is actually a biological cousin to both Hailie and Whitney, as they both share a biological mother. However, since Eminem has custody of all three, he raises them together as his daughters.
  • there’s a “brother”…If Eminem’s home life was complex enough between all the relationships in it, a brother lives with them he’s Eminem’s half brother, Nathan Kane Samara. Born to Eminem’s mother, Deborah in 1986, Nathan also a rapper in his own right. He lives with his elder brother and also the three girls in the same house
  •  One most popular rumor went around that Eminem shelled out a whopping approximately $375,000.00 each for matching necklaces between the three girls.
  •  Alaina Marie Mathers’s Net Worth = is not published yet. Eminem keeps his family relation out of the media’s eye as much as possible, However, Eminem’s own net worth is almost at $170 million, so that, we’re sure those kids are sitting pretty.
  • Alaina Marie Mathers’ Boyfriend— one thing is very curious, no one is sure about any sort of relationship at this teenage time with someone