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The fans of the hot South African news correspondent have speculated about her marriage for a long time now. So, is Gillian Turner married? Well, if you are wondering around for an answer then we have the right information on her wedding.

The news correspondent is married to her fiance of four years, Alex Kramer. Recently, she posted a picture with her spouse on Kramer’s birthday celebration. But wait! Are there any other relationship affair of Gillian Turner? Find it all with us in the article below.

“The best thing I got from South Africa”, Gillian on Alex

The year 2019 is the year where Gillian Turner’s secret was blown after she celebrated her husband’s birthday with a nice lunch and later partying with the family. The Fox news correspondent posted a picture of her and her spouse on April 14, 2019, celebrating a birthday.

Alex Kramer (left) with his wife Gillian Turner (right) enjoying his birthday cake.

Gillian shares a very romantic relationship with her companion Alex Kramer from a long time but people knew that she was in a relationship only after Turner tweeted about her fiance. As withdrawing information from the South African beauty is difficult because she rarely talks about it.

The former White House National Security Council member got engaged to Alex Kramer in 2015. Fans of Turner were shocked and happy at the same time when they first heard the news in September of 2015.

Any details regarding how they met and fell in head over heels is a mystery but we can take a guess on that. Gillian and Alex might have met each other in South Africa as both hail from the same land. Alex is the Vice-President, Design/UX leader at Optoro.

Alex Exposed by Gillian Tweets

She wrote in her tweet about Elizabeth Gilbert, saying,

my fiance says’ she’s like #StarWars for Women!

From this tweet, Turner fans discovered a man in her life and saw his pictures a month later. Gillian uploaded a selfie of her and Alex in South Africa attending a wedding of a mutual friend. Adding to that, Gillian started to post several tweets about her and Alex plans to get married.

Gillian Turner (right) with her then Fiance, Alex Kramer (left) attending a mutual friend wedding.

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In December of 2016, Gillian was spotted wearing an engagement ring in her newsroom. Her fans were pleased to spot the ring in her wedding finger and so were we. Alex Kramer and Gillian Turner are in a relationship for a long time. At first, he was her boyfriend and then became her fiance and now they are finally married.


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