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How many of you have ever gotten into a relationship because you felt that you are in love? Many of you right? Today we are going to gush about the star who is in a loving relationship as the couple felt they are made for one another.

From health issues to complication in her therapy, the star has gone through a lot. They say the real test of love comes during the had times. The star that we are going to talk about is none other than Kayce Smith. Let’s get into the article to know more about Smith and her complicated yet very romantic love life.

Want to know about Kayce Smith Relationship?

American born Kayce is beautiful and there is no doubt on that. Thousands of men want to date a gorgeous and beautiful lady like her. And, the admiration she has, would make her fans interested in her romantic life. Fortunately, her romantic life is as good as her career is. Nathan Sebesta is a fortunate person who could steal the heart of the gorgeous star.

Image: Kayce with her boyfriend in a college football
Image: Kayce with her boyfriend in a college football

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Despite Kayce’s popularity, he just stayed out of the focus from many of her fans. Sebesta simply likes to encourage the queen of his life without being in a limelight. Regardless, her connection with Nathan is very healthy, according to her post in her social media. It will not be long before the couple takes another step further in their relationship, i.e. marriage.

At the moment her relationship is going very strong without any signs of complications and problems as she often posts a picture of her other half constantly on her social media account. We couldn’t get access to her Instagram account as it is not public but taking a look at her twitter account we can easily say she is living the best days of her life with her partner. It clearly shows her commitment and loyalty to her relationship.

Did her Disease affect Kayce Smith’s relationship?

Her story about cancer is quite astonishing. Yes, you read that correct guy, Smith was once a cancer patient. Kayce found out about her health issue at an early age in a very weird situation. Smith was watching a game and while ripping her shirt the white mark in her back grabbed a lot of attention.

Image: Kycee with her boyfriend
Image: Kycee with her boyfriend

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She thought was a birthmark but it turned out to be a stage 1 melanoma – a type of skin cancer. She had been one of the few people who could treat and diagnose a life-threatening disease like cancer. The most loving part about all her disease and fight throughout her deadly disease her love Nathan was by her side pushing her to fight the disease. As for now, it’s been three long years that she is cancer free and is living a very healthy and happy life.


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