You might know Leslie Knipfing as the famous sister of the comedian Kevin James and Gary Valentine. As far as the question of her married life and her husband goes it does not have a definitive answer.

Leslie is not a famous movie star like her siblings and it looks like there is some confusion in online tabloids regarding the identity of Leslie Knipfing. Join us as we try to explore the truth of Leslie Knipfing and her personal life.

Leslie Knipfing’s Married Life. Who is her Husband?

The famous sister of American actor Kevin James and Gary Valentine keeps her life very secret. Leslie is suffering from an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. And maybe because of that, Leslie stays away from the camera.

Leslie Knipfing brothers Kevin James (left) and Gary Valentine (right) in the show Kevin Can Wait

Knipfing is not a movie star but a very respectable person as she runs various charity programs. Together with her brother, Knipfing raises funds for the charities working towards helping people from eye disease, HIV, and Cancer.

Leslie is not married as per many reports but some online tabloids also say that Knipfing is a happily married woman. There is no confirmation of this news. Her personal life is very private so, it is difficult to find the answer to her relationship status.

Leslie Knipfing’s Mistaken Identity

Knipfing’s identity is publicized as the famous American actress Leslie Bibb. Leslie Bibb is the actress who worked in the movie Zookeeper (2011) alongside Kevin James and Steffiana de la Cruz. Knipfing eye disease stopped her to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.


Kevin James (left) with Leslie Bibb (right) in the 2011 movie Zookeeper

Not just that, her disease also causes a disturbance in her daily work as she works to raise funds for charities. Knipfing has never featured in any movies but maybe because of the name, the online media might’ve confused her with Leslie Bibb.

Leslie Knipfing’s Personal Life

The famous sister grew up in New York, USA alongside her two brothers. She was born to her parents Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr. and Janet Knipfing. Her brother Kevin James worked in movies and TV shows like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Hitch, and Grown Ups.

Leslie another brother Gary Valentine is also an actor and comedian just like Kevin. In her personal time, Knipfing spends time with her family and frequently supports her brothers work. Kevin and Gary also do not involve Leslie in any sort of media attention as Leslie does not like that.

Leslie Knipfing’s Rumors and Controversies

Knipfing is not involved in any sort of rumors or controversies so far. Even her brothers also understand her problem of not wanting to confront the media. Leslie despite not being a movie star like her brothers, she is a champion of people. The only rumor involving Leslie Knipfing is her mistaken identity with Leslie Bibb.

Leslie Bibb an American actress who is mistaken as Leslie Knipfing by some online tabloids

Her charities have helped many people with HIV, Cancer, and Eye Disease. Getting to know this honorable person would be a dream come true for many people. So far, there is not much latest news about Leslie Knipfing but stay with for latest details on celebrities.